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Finding Your Writing Flow-by Sona Grover (Book Review)

The actual way to go abput doing t would fall into place if you are committed enough.

-Sona Grover

Every time I have to write a book review I get really nervous for some inexplicable reason. Being a writer for almost 6 years now and trying to get that story inspiration for my debut book is one big mission of my life. I know how important reviews are for book especially to an author because it not only makes them feel special and gives them a push to write the next one but critical reviews also help them to learn where they can work more next time.

“To add to the agony of making the writer clear is the fear of not doing it well enough.”

-Sona Grover.

Finding your Writing Flow is a book that I as a writer found it absolutely helpful specially when you are going through tough time with your writing creativity flow.

Sona Grover is an author of the published book Through the Mist and blogs at

She is enthusiastic about books travel and nature.

Book Blurb: Finding Your Writing Flow is a non-fiction e-book which gives tips and tricks to not just aspiring writers but also to those professional writers who are stuck in somewhere with their stories or write-ups. It gives a complete insight into how it feels to be a writer and how actually daunting the writing process can be. It gives suggestions on how to find your writing style, creativity, and voice as a writer.

“To keep the inspiration close to you, it is important to be in the right state of mind.”

-Sona Grover

Finding Your Writing Style is an e-book of roughly around 50 pages which won’t take much of your time but this little e-book is a treasure to every writer who is in need of a quick inspiration and a push to get back to writing or to actually stop procrastination. It has an easy language and proper train of thoughts. The author tries to give as much of information as she can within the limit and keeps her focus to the point.

The book is divided in six sections:

  1. Know Your Why: Will make you think why do you wish to write, why do you want to be a writer?
  2. Finding Inspiration: This section provides you ways to find creativity flow and inspiration around you
  3. Being Productive: Here you find one major and important advice which is vital for every writer to understand and put it into action.
  4. Getting Better at your Craft: In this section, you will find all the information about how to improve your writing and even the author’s personal experience as to how the author found her way of writing.
  5. Renewal: In this, you find insights as to how to keep going as a writer and find ways back to writing even when it seems the impossible job. The author also shares things that help her get back to writing.
  6. Things I need to remember when time feel tough: the title says it all, the author gives her advice as to what to do when writing is not being easy.

The answer to how to do anything well comes from experimenting, making mistakes and learning from those mistakes.

-Sona Grover

What I liked about the book is the easy use of language, the ample of information given in the minimal space and time. As a writer it made me give a different perspective to writing process itself. One thing I absolutley loved it the way the author starts, ‘Know your why?’ it reminds a writer why one wish to be a writer at first place and keeps the writer motivated to not quit. It is a very helpful book to aspiring writers as well as to those who think writing is an easy job and being a writer is fun.

If you are a writer who is finding it hard time to write, need a little push to write that book or story you wish to write for a long time pick this book and keep taking important notes so when you get stuck again while writing or faces self-doubt you can always go back to your notes or to this book which is short and crisp but helps you in a lot of ways.

P.S. “Done as a part of Blogchatter’s Book Review Program”

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