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U- Unplug

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you.

Anne Lamott

We are so engrossed in our social life that at times we lose ourselves. We forget who we are, we are diverted from our dreams, goals and so many things. We completely lose ourselves and feel lost.

Don’t you at times feel irritated by your unknowing habit of scrolling and time and again unlocking your phone even when it’s been just minutes that you kept it aside. It’s like we all have become so immune to that devil, that we have become zombies, can’t live without it, can’t eat without it, can’t do anything without it.

But sorry, I have had enough. I seriously have this feeling to unplug my self from this social media havoc and get a break. I want to just get rid of it for some time. And so I have decided I am taking off from all social media sites and apps in the month of May. Specifically, while Ramadan is on which is probably from 6th May to 5th or 6th June.

Disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other.

Rosemary Wixom

I really need this break, I need to know myself, I want to take the opportunity of the month of Ramadan to reflect upon a lot of things. It will be a complete detox for my body as well as the soul.

The question now arises is if I am taking a break from blogging as well. Yes, I am. I know it’s a risk since I have invested in a domain and web-hosting and launched my own website and it’s only been like what a month I guess. But to be honest, I feel I did a mistake of rushing into something I had not even planned properly i.e this A to Z blog and I could have taken time to plan my content and blog properly and launch it whenever I was ready.

I am not completely regretting it because I learned something through this A to Z blog post and that is what I take I should finish it, I should stick to it. Like I could have left it in between but I didn’t I am irregular at times but I do make it a point to catch up.

Anyway, the whole point is, I also need this break to reflect on my blog as well, how should I take it further and much more. I need a break from being available online all the time and just be me and take this opportunity to discover a new me, to re-built my confidence and recharge my soul as well.

Dare to unplug. Go off the grid. Give yourself permission to say yes to your wellbeing.

Bonnie Gray

Have you ever taken a break from social media or anything that was making you feel uncomfortable with your own self?

My Name is Nazish and I am from Mumbai, India. I was born and I grew up in Mumbai. I am a writer and have been blogging since 2013. I am here to put my feelings, share stories and try my words to rhyme in the form of poems. I am a passionate writer who dreams of writing inspiring stories some day and becoming a storyteller. Till then I hope you enjoy my blog posts and get inspired by them… My ultimate goal is to keep myself sane through writing and by sharing my views and also to inspire at least one reader out there if not all. So I hope you enjoy my write-ups and get along with me on my writing journey. Happy Reading.


  • Claire

    I am really ‘over’ social media myself. I’d love to be able to step away from it but I’m just establishing my blog and I am aware that after just a few days holiday, my blog is already feeling the effects of not being so socially present.

    I wish you good luck, I’m sure you’ll not need it but I hope you find the right way to move forward with your blog x x

    • Nazish

      Hi, Claire. Sending love from India. I love your name. Thank You for visiting by and sharing your thoughts here. It means a lot. I understand you very well. I also have launched my blog website just a month ago but I need this break to plan my content and lots more to plan about so that when I come back I can start fresh with full determination. I am exhausted to be on social media all the time. I need this break.

  • Jenny

    I love that first quote! I seriously need to start unplugging more. But working as a self-employed blogger it’s hard because I need to be online to work. But I have to remember that nobody works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and everything will be just fine when I get back!


    • Nazish

      Hi Jenny, sending love from India. Can’t believe you visited my blog. It’s a huge achievement for me. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts here. It really means a lot. I know as a blogger we all need to be on social media and keep engaging ourselves posting and marketing and everything else. I know this because I have just launched my blogging website and I need to keep promoting my blog. But I seriously need this break to get back to blogging with a good plan and determination.

    • Nazish

      Hi Nyxie, sending love from India. I am grateful to have you visit my blog and spend your time on my post and also share your thoughts here. I understand being a blogger it is so important to be on social media and it’s addictive. It’s a curse as well as something that has become so crucial part of our life. I can feel you.

    • Nazish

      Hi Deborah, love from India. I am very much grateful you visited my blog and shared your thoughts here. Yes, it does feel great to just step away from the messy
      social world to have that peace within, to connect to our own soul. It helps a lot. Have you ever tried it?

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