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I know its quite sometime I have been away from blogging. Things were messed up, they still are but I thought maybe I should take a break from life messy bits by getting back to blogging.

So Last night, out of the blue I realized that tomorrow (i.e. today) 13 Reasons Why? Season 3 will be releasing and I need to get Netflix subscription. So I subscribed to Netflix Mobile for just 199/- INR for a month.

It was too long I had used Netflix, as last time I was on free subscription so I did watch 13 Reasons Why 1st and 2nd Seasons and then watched some movies. But now I was clueless about what to watch and I was craving to watch something good.

Please don’t suggest to watch Sacred Games as I am the kind of who loves to go against what is actually trending. (However, never say never.) But I haven’t watched the first season so the second season is not on my wishlist at the moment.

Anyway, I am ranting a lot! So while surfing, surfing, surfing, and surfing… I randomly clicked on this movie 13 going on 30. It’s an old fantasy- romantic kind of movie of the year 2004.

Now, I am not here to review movies or tell you if you should watch it or not. I am just here to share what I liked about the movie and share my thoughts. That’s it.

Jenna the protagonist is turning 13 and on her birthday party when she is humiliated by her classmates and so-called friends she wishes to turn 30 years old and when her wish is granted she is turned into 30 and she has no idea how to go about it. But slowly and eventually she starts enjoying and later realizes it was not how she wanted it to be.

I will tell you the three reasons why I liked this movie:

  1. One it gives you a lesson to not constantly complain about life and things, to stay happy and content and learn to live in the moment. Like in childhood we always used to complain when will we get old to enjoy what elders can, and when we get old or enter adulthood we always miss our childhood. (I miss my childhood a lot!) So it’s something this movie teaches us that we must go with the flow and learn to live in the moment.
  2. The second lesson this movie gives us is to be what you really are, stay real. Jenna always wanted to be among the girl gang who were fashionable but mean. She obsessed the ladies beauty in the magazines and wished to be one of them which she grows, thirty and flirty and she did, But was she happy? No! she realized that real beauty is in being real and normal. The natural beauty that we all are blessed with and not in those beautiful models that we see in movies and magazines which is either all photoshopped or botox.
  3. It’s okay to do mistakes but one must learn from those mistakes and make things right if you can. One must not drown in guilt and always stay there. If one commits mistakes they also learn from them and get matured only by doing mistakes. So it’s okay to do mistakes and be proud of your scars. They make you what you are today and they make you stronger. Also, this movie also teaches us to never let the kid inside us die.

The best line I loved from this movie is when Jenna says to her thirteen-year-old friend while she herself is thirty, is that one must fight for what they want. Life is all about the battlefield. Although sometimes somethings are not in your hands. 🙂

One thing I would like to end today’s blog post is by reminding you or rather to my own self is that “Happy-Endings are always meant for movies and books, in reality, there is no happy ending… Life is all about struggles, one ends the next starts…So never expect a happy ending in real life. Stay strong and make your self ready for the next struggle in your life. 🙂 But in the midst of the chaos of life, try to find little happiness and then give away that little happiness to the ones who needs it. Real happiness is by seeing someone else happy because of us.

If you have watched this movie let me know your thoughts on it or any other movie that you could advise me to watch do leave them in the comment box below.

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