The Inked Notions By Romila (Book Review)

Good Morning!

I had a rough Monday, what about you? Even though I was only a little bit grateful for something I can’t really talk because while writing this I am still not sure if it’s going to actually happen or not?

Anyway, I have a mantra for myself, “No one and nothing matters all that matters is just breathe and survive…”

Deep breathe in… Deep breathe out

I am missing my blabbing, but let’s just focus on my writer friend today…

Romila Ma’am is someone I know and follow since a long time, and I have been reading her blogs and works a lot because she is a passionate writer just like I wish to be and the book that I will be talking about actually speaks out everything I wanted to ever say… And she has done a wonderful job.

The Inked Notions by Romila is all about what writing means to a writer, and as an author of the book she gives so many reasons why she writes, what writing means to her, how writing helps her that as a writer I felt ashamed to always crib I have got nothing to write, or I am at a writers block bla bla…

Sometimes I just feel I am making reasons out for nothing and being lazy. Not that I don’t write, but sometimes it’s just not easy for me to out my feelings in words.

“Writing helps me to explore the world of fantasy to the fullest. I feel happy after I complete a post and I am never lonely when I am writing. Words are my best friends.” – Romila

Romila Ma’am never ceases to delight one as a writer, she is just amazing in her own way and so full of positivity and love. I look up to her as a writer and I feel every writer or aspiring writer should read this book. Every reader should also read this book just to understand what actually writing means to a writer and how much efforts they put up in.

Every individual should read this book before asking a free copy from a writer, to understand how much writing means and what all a writer feel…

It’s a short read book and amazingly organized in ten parts, revealing 100 reasons as to what writing means to the writer and each part speaks differently about writing.

Give it a try, I am leaving the link below.

That’s it for the day. I am blogging every day because I feel like to do it. But September is coming and I have again participated in My friend Alexa Season 4 hosted by Blogchatter. I will reveal it more on the 29th of August.

Till then Take Care, Have a beautiful day ahead!

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Thank You.

Tuesday Motivation anyone? Just anything positive?

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