13 Reason’s Why?

Good Morning!

Remember the Matra?

“No one and nothing matters, all that matters is you and yourself. Learn to love yourself first, rest everything will fall in place. Trust me!”

I finished the series on Saturday at midnight. (Almost Sunday!) and I loved it. It was amazing!

Though I did not like how Clay was giving away everything for everyone, taking all the blame on himself. But the series did not unfold all the secrets though (I feel so…). Anyway, I am not going to give any spoilers here.

Will there be a season 4 or something? I am not sure about that. I felt Ani’s character a bit annoying in the start. But then at the end, she was good. I liked the fact that she turned loyal to Clay and helped him out throughout (I find Clay cute!) I can relate to Clay’s character to be a true friend in need. He actually gave away easily for all of his friends even though it might hurt him back.

I loved how the whole series turned out to be. At first, I was skeptical it won’t be good, but I liked it and enjoyed it. It was more mysterious than depressing. The first two series, especially the first is like depressing and I warn you not to watch it if you not in the right state of mind or anything…

Anyway, I am going short today because I don’t feel like talking more on the series to give away spoilers.

I am going to talk about a movie again, I saw on Netflix. So stay tuned for that.

Have a beautiful day ahead!


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