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Once Upon a Crush – Kiran Manral (Book Review)

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How have you been? I am fine just fine…

Anyway, recently I had blogged about ‘Readers Block’ and how I was craving to get back to reading and there I received a book which was the 2nd book to heal my readers block but first one which I finished it off. Lol!

So today’s post is the review of the book “Once Upon a Crush” By Kiran Manral. Here goes my Review (No spoilers added)

Book Name: Once Upon A Crush

Author: Kiran Manral

Pages: 224

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

First Published: 2014 by Jufic books.

Synopsis: Rayna De, stuck in a dead-end job with a boss from hell, zero love life, and the big 3-O looming large on the immediate horizon, has started to panic a bit. No, make that panic a lot. Enter new object of lust in the office, Deven Ahuja, and Rayna is overpowered by inappropriate visions of Cupid aiming his arrows straight into her heart, with turtle doves doing their billing and cooing act in the backdrop. Alas, Deven is completely out of Rayna’s league despite the contradictory messages he seems to be sending out, and is, as decreed by page three supplements of the city newspapers, the man in the life of the gorgeous, light-eyed model-turned-actress Sharbari Raina. As Rayna battles with her crush, shaky employment status and dithers about signing up for domesticity with the approved-by-her-parents Sid Bose, of the multi zero pay package and three-bedroom house, she discovers that life has its own plans…


I feel the book cover could have been worked on a bit, but as they say, do not judge a book by its cover.

The story revolves around Rayna De, how she is living in an aunt’s house where she does not have to bother about rent but other expenses are something she needs to take care of. She is leading a close to boring life wherein she is not enjoying her job, neither is having a good social life. Rayna has a crush on her office colleague Devan Ahuja but things are always going against her wishes.

She is someone we all can relate to (at least I could) confused, messy and drowned in the mess that she is unable to actually enjoy her life. I loved the writing style of the author, it is something that will keep you hooked and also easy to understand. I did find a lot of cliches and could predict some parts which are very obvious when you read romance. So I feel the writer could have worked in a different way there, but apart from that, the story is amazing to read and enjoyable.

Devan Ahuja is kind of a guy whom every girl would like to have in her life and here he is but what is so fishy about him that Rayna De feels mysterious about him and things often go the other way round? You will only know if you read this amazing book.

The other thing I loved about this book is the references to other literature works here and there which gave me nostalgic feelings and took me back to my literature class lectures which I so crave to go back. I enjoyed reading this book.

If you looking for some light heart read, something that is a little bit different from all those romance novels and will give a bit of insight to us about our life, then go for this one…

I will rate the book 4 on 5 and I hope to read more from the author.

I have another book that I am reading and I started reading before I got this one in my hand so I will be blogging about that one soon. Till then keep missing me because I am going to be back soon. I need a small break as I need to plan out blogging properly and this time come back with a strong plan and full commitment. Don’t worry you will see me very soon and with amazing content.

Till then take care.

P.s. This blog post is for Blogchatter #Review programme

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