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H-Healthy Lifestyle. (A to Z Blogging Challenge.)

I so wish to get in a healthy lifestyle mode. But when you are not brought up that way and then suddenly you wish to change the system it is a bit tough.

Especially since I have been a complete night owl. I love the fact that I am left alone in the silence and darkness of the night. No one to disturb, no one to interfere with my thoughts, dreams I see with open eyes while listening to music, questions I ponder within myself just before sleeping with my eyes closed.

By the time I sleep, it’s time to wake up for half the world out there. Sometimes it gets too late and so I wake up late. Being jobless does that to you. It makes you lazy, aimless in life and then you and your body just feel like it’s pointless to even try.

I try to sleep early, but…since it’s been more than 3 years I am in this habit, it is tough to break this one.

I wish to wake up early and watch the sunrise, I wish to go for a walk in the morning and be around nature. I wish Mumbai had more trees and woods to just walk around than the cement jungle all around. I wish to be healthy and fit.

I wish to be stay focused in my life if only I could stay focus. I have this thing of drifting away easily with thoughts and negative thoughts have an impact over me more sooner than anything in this world.

We all must try to stay healthy, especially with this Corona Virus, one thing this pandemic is teaching us is to slow down our lives. The past few years we did not even realize where the years passed by, we felt as if it was just yesterday we celebrated a new year and it seems here is another one…

And now, 2020 is teaching us to live slowly, it’s teaching us to reflect on our choices and the kind of lifestyle we are living, it is maybe a sign for the world to stop playing with nature and let just be.

With a healthy eating lifestyle, I don’t mean luxurious food like avocado, or all those new fancy kinds of stuff that cost us more even if they are the ones that should be less pricy. But just simple yet healthy and nutritious food.

Intake of more greens and fruits, juices and healthy shakes. Less fast food (which is so hard to resist, especially french fries).

I watch a lot of work out videos but the idea to actually do it now is not available since doing home chores is already a compensation to work-out. I do go gym normally but there again sometimes laziness takes over, sometimes something comes up and I just can’t make it through.

The gym in my building works all day, but in the morning there are more men around especially all old men, so I chose to go in the afternoon time which is the ladies time. Now it takes up a lot of my time then as one I get lazy soon after lunch, so I really have to drag myself out of my house, and two sometimes something important comes up so I just have to skip the gym.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, I not only wish to work on my physical health but also on my mental health. I wish I could be more confident, more positive in life, more energetic physically as well as mentally. Work more on my goals without the thought that it’s impossible or it won’t work.

I wish to surround my self with positive people, people with whom I can connect, who are more open-minded.

I just hope once this lockdown and coronavirus end, I hope to just start waking up early and start going for morning walks, start being around nature more and start taking care of my physical and mental health.

This lockdown is making me feel more malaise than being hopeful.

My Name is Nazish and I am from Mumbai, India. I was born and I grew up in Mumbai. I am a writer and have been blogging since 2013. I am here to put my feelings, share stories and try my words to rhyme in the form of poems. I am a passionate writer who dreams of writing inspiring stories some day and becoming a storyteller. Till then I hope you enjoy my blog posts and get inspired by them… My ultimate goal is to keep myself sane through writing and by sharing my views and also to inspire at least one reader out there if not all. So I hope you enjoy my write-ups and get along with me on my writing journey. Happy Reading.


  • NC

    This is so relatable post as I had written something similar on Eating healthy
    Hope I get back to my normal exercise – walking and jogging once the lockdown is off and I wish you turn into a morning person soon. I was a night owl and it hit me badly on my health.

    • Nazish

      I know, being a night owl has its own good and bad consequences I feel. Not everyone can be a morning person and not everyone can be a night person.

  • Mayura Amarkant

    Yes, I was like you, 2.5 years ago. I then stopped wishing and started doing. It was very difficult to begin and then sustain. Life gave me many reasons to stop doing and go back to my older lifestyle. Here I am, 25 kgs lighter, an award-winning sportsperson. A 43-year-old mother of two. I am documenting this journey with loads of tips and tricks for you. Do check out my #BlogchatterA2Z series. I really hope that I am able to inspire you to take charge of your life.

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