What New Can You Expect From My Blog?

Back Story

I have been blogging since 2013 but here I am still learning like a new-bee. The problem is I still have got so much to learn but guess what? I have already learned so much… So I am taking my chance and getting back to blogging with new plans and yet new things to discover. This blog post is to re-introduce you to me and my blog.

I have never really introduced myself so here I take this opportunity to tell you who is the lazy boss behind this blog.

How I got introduced to Blogging world?

Born and brought up in Mumbai I took my time to realize what life is all about and what I wish to be in life. At the age of 18, when I finally realized I wish to be a writer, blogging became the first step to accomplish my dream of becoming a writer. That’s how I started blogging.

But I could never discipline myself to become a full-time blogger. After years of struggle, lessons, trials, and failure and still on a journey of experimenting and trying out and still learning , I still call myself an amateur when it comes to blogging.

My Accomplishments as a Writer

I have been a published writer. Back when I entered the writing world, anthologies competition was quite making the noise on face book and I participated in three, my stories got selected and they got published in three different anthology books. Even though anthologies don’t quite make it well, in fact they hardly give you any form of recognition but it’s a good way to start.

It is surprising to write this but back then someone saw a post on my blog and picked it up for their e-magazine edition and that’s how I was published in an e-magazine and introduced to the e-magazine world. Then there was no looking back. Few of my articles got published in different magazines, different social sites and I also have published my collection of poems as an e-book form on Amazon as Escape-a collection of Enigmatic feelings’ and now I am still learning to improve my writing and blogging skills

Blogging is not just about writing.

When it comes to blogging, people and, back then even I did this mistake and believed that blogging is all about writing and hitting the published button. But that’s not what blogging means. Writing is an essential part of blogging but blogging as a whole is quite complex yet a completely different world altogether.

I have always been on and off when it comes to blogging ( why so? read here ) so here I am again trying to get back to blogging and trying to make my way.

What is My blog About?

My blog is a world I created to pour my heart out, write, and eventually reach out to like minded people. I still am figuring out my ways through this blogging complicated world. But it does not seem impossible.

My blog is all about me and my world. My art, my love for books and reading, my love for writing and blogging and sharing my heart out. In short, it is a lifestyle blog where I wish to share my thoughts and views on the topics that interest me and maybe it may interests you too.

What can you expect from my Blog?

As you see when you enter my blog you will find some categories on the menu bar. So let me explain them one by one.

About: is a page where you will find all about me, and some of my contact details if you wish to get in contact.

Art: As I am a self-taught artist I wish to share my journey about how I started and still honing my skills and would love to share the details and lessons with you that I have and still learning.

Blogging Tips: As you see, I am in the blogging world for quite sometime now and I have made so many mistakes that I have many lessons to share with you all which you are going to see in the near future on my blog.

Books: This is where you will get all my current reads, book reviews, and everything related to books and books and books…

Personal Growth/Mindset: under this section you might get my random thoughts, lessons I have learned in life, some Gyan ( insights about life) that I wish to share with you all and some stories and poems that I may write and share…

To Conclude:

So this is all you can expect from my blog and you may gain some amazing tips (blogging or art related), reviews on books, some amazing books related topics to read on and some more insights about life and self-growth

I hope you will enjoy my blogging journey and share your thoughts with me as how did you find my plan to get back to blogging in a more systematic way?

You can follow me on social media and have a look on my other illustrations and art work .

3 thoughts on “What New Can You Expect From My Blog?

  1. Wow…it’s like Nazish 2.0 and it’s so organized and structured. I liked the way you plan to relaunch ( if i may put it so ) and it seems to come out in a very organic manner.

    There’s plenty on offer for the readers and they have plenty of exciting stuff to look forward to .

    You have immense talent and i am sure you are gonna do justice to that 🙂

    I look forward to reading your upcoming posts 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you that there’s always New learnings in Blogging, one explores something new everyday. Also, congratulations on completing the A2Z challenge, not many can accomplish that. Looking forward to your posts !

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