Ringa Ringa Roses- by Neil D’Silva. (Book Review)


You probably thought I have disappeared again? Well, I won’t deny that was the case, but it was only laziness and I knew it will only last for some time because I had to come back.

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Belated Eid Mubarak. (I suck as a blogger, I know.)

I am here today to talk about this amazing e-book I came across and it was a change for me from my all the non-fiction + heavy classic reading books that I have been reading.

Title: Ringa Ringa Roses.

Author: Neil D’Silva

Genre: Fiction ( Horror/Mysterious)


Nitya, a single child ignored by her parents, makes an unlikely friend—a boy with a strange power who has mysteriously manifested in her room.

Nikhil creates a replacement for his dead mother—a clay doll that has her likeness. Things take a bizarre turn when his clay mother starts communicating with him.

Nihar, a teenage orphan, has walked a long way to seek shelter in an orphanage he has heard a lot about, unaware that it is the house of a terrifying secret.

These three stories, each with a young protagonist at the core of the tale, make up Ringa Ringa Roses. But these children aren’t meek. They challenge their bizarre situations as only people with great imagination and fortitude can and face their demons and monsters.

From the bizarre and inimitable mind of bestselling horror author Neil D’Silva, comes this collection of stories that weave horror with fantasy, suspense, and a touch of magic realism, and which promise to keep you awake till you finish reading the last page. – Amazon

My Review

I am not going to get into giving out summary as the blurb is already speaking a lot.

I generally read less of horror and mysterious books but this book has made me take interests to read more of horror and mysterious books. Although when it comes to mysterious books there is something coming soon…

The best part about the book is the initial introduction of the title. I loved the fact that the author has enlightened us to the famous nursery rhyme and given us the shocking revelation facts behind the happy nursery rhyme which is not so happening…

I already was aware of the information but just briefly. I was really happy to read more about the facts. I won’t give a spoiler and would love you to pick this book and learn about the sad story behind this famous nursery rhyme that we have always cheerfully played along and let our kids play it too till date.

The book consists of three short stories and they are well-written. Well, that is what I also loved about the book is the writing style of the author. The stories are well structured, however, apart from the first story that is about Nitya, I did not quite find the other two horrors but they were quite mysterious.

All three stories have one common thing; like they say an empty mind is a devil’s workshop similarly a child left ignorant or left alone could lead to a devil’s workshop. All three stories are based on how if a child is left alone or not given proper attention can lead to a disaster. Their innocence can be well played. Also, kids are good observant. They need to be given proper care and attention.

The book is must if you wish to try out something light yet something different and interesting…

I would like to rate this book a 4 on 5.

You can buy this e-book from Amazon here

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