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My Blogging Journey and the Lessons I have learned.

Do you ever believe in magic? I do. Because if I am a writer and a painter today it is through magic. Let me explain…

I am going to talk about the magic that turned me as a writer, and about the magic that made me a painter let’s keep that for some other day.

Flashback to 2011

When I finished my 10th grade I had no clue what to do in life. I just randomly chose commerce stream (even though Math is something I hate and have always found it difficult) but somehow I had no clue what actually I really want to be and I was not even stressing over it.

Flashback to 2012/2013

While 2012 was ending and 2013 may have already started, I was in the middle of giving my 12th board exams. We get a study break before the board exams commence. So even though you will judge me if I say I was surfing Facebook while I should be studying, I came across someone’s poem and read it.

The immediate random question was, how do even people write poems?
and I remembered writing a small poem when I was in 7th grade. I immediately rushed to my cupboard where I keep all my books and old diaries and found the poem.

That was exactly the time I realized I want to be a writer and I have the magic in me. All I need to do is, brush up my skills and believe in myself.

I researched a bit about writers, and how to become a writer like a small child searching some tressure hunt and that is how I was introduced to the blogging world. I don’t exactly remember but all I know is I figured everything on my own. Then I just made a blog on a free website.

The zeal in me then was so much better than what it is today. I had already started writing poems and blogging but had kept everything like a secret from my family. I wanted to surprise them after my exams.

The rest is history.

The issue then and even now is that I still don’t know how to connect with readers. Then I had no one reading my posts except for a few friends because it was a new term to them as well as to me. So after some time the excitement died, the zeal to blog was disappeared.

Blog 2 and 3

After a few months, I made a new blog on to start fresh and get back the zeal in me. It again did not last for long. Between all these, I was already a published writer. My articles and short stories were already published in e-magazines and anthology books.

It took me ages to come back to blogging. So when I finished my Bachelor’s degree, I wanted to get back to writing and blogging. I had ignored writing between my studies. So I made another free blogging site on WordPress a new one and that blog had gained some amazing readers.


Honestly, that was the best part of my blogging journey, I was consistent, my blog posts were not only being read but were also being enjoyed. I was noticed by a web designer friend who also happened to gift me my own blogging website which I was careless to take care of and again I had fallen into the trap of being lazy.

I lost the website that was gifted to me and lost the zeal to blog too. And then when I realized the importance of blogging and how important it is to have your own blogging website and not a free blogging site, it was too late.

What is my blog about and a brief introduction to my blog is here. Click to know more


That is when I made up my mind, I need to have my own blogging website and I need to be serious about my blog. But seems like even after having my own blogging website I could not bring myself to become a professional and serious blogger.

Now that I have read, researched and learned so much more about blogging I am taking baby steps again to get my undone goals done. I know it’s been years and I could have been at a better place if only I would have been a little sincere and focused.

But then how would have I learned that blogging is not just about writing, it is a hell lot of work and that’s how I learned and still am learning all those extra work about blogging. But most importantly to be consistent, to be true to myself and my readers and the most important lesson I learned is…

We always push things to later. For example, I will start going to the gym from Monday, or maybe start working on my goals or plans from next month, start from 1st Jan of the New Year.

We always make plans and push things to a Monday or the 1st of the next month. Let me be honest here, that Monday and that 1st of the upcoming month never comes.

Lessons I learned from my blogging Journey

So the most important lessons I have learned are:

1) ‘It’s Now or Never’ If you are meaning to do something passionately start working towards it Now…

2) The next lesson I learned is, to write for myself first – to enjoy the process of blogging because I want to do it, if I keep thinking will if anyone would read it, like it, will my blog grow, before I even write or even try it out, nothing will work. Writing and blogging should be something I should first do for myself then think about other factors.

And very recently someone made me realized that I should never judge my own art by the likes and comments I get on my blog or even on social media. The one thing I should focus on is do what I love to do, the rest will fall in place.

3) The one big mistake I have been consistently doing throughout my blogging journey is not being consistent. I have always stopped when I just had to keep going and then see the results… But I kept giving up so easily… Consistency in blogging is the key to blogging success, in fact to any kind of success.

4) Reading other blogs and connecting with other bloggers is also I need to work on and there again the consistency should be the mantra. I need to be a regular reader so that I get to learn something new regularly which might also help me in someway or being a better blogger itself.

5) Pay attention more on giving out useful and good content: No matter what, content is always going to rule and so it is said content is king. And I must pay more attention to provide valuable content to my readers who might gain something or some knowledge from my content.

To Conclude…

So now you understand why blogging is so important to me? Because I always find my way coming back to blogging and I need to be super serious about this. Like you know how something you trying to avoid or neglect but somehow it ends up that one day you find your self in front of that one thing which you have been avoiding or neglecting…

So this is how blogging is to me. I feel more than anything writing, blogging, painting and illustration reading… all these… all of my art as a package, this is my home… A place I always belonged and always wish to live around.

My Name is Nazish and I am from Mumbai, India. I was born and I grew up in Mumbai. I am a writer and have been blogging since 2013. I am here to put my feelings, share stories and try my words to rhyme in the form of poems. I am a passionate writer who dreams of writing inspiring stories some day and becoming a storyteller. Till then I hope you enjoy my blog posts and get inspired by them… My ultimate goal is to keep myself sane through writing and by sharing my views and also to inspire at least one reader out there if not all. So I hope you enjoy my write-ups and get along with me on my writing journey. Happy Reading.


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