Book Review on ‘One Girl Many Lives.’

Hi, long time no see?

Well, all that ranting and my reason to stay away from blogging will be coming up in one big blog post in the coming week.

For now, let’s focus on one of my favorite books of the year 2020.

Firstly, I would like to thank Sona Ma’am for sending over the copy of the book and also Apologize for delaying the review mainly because of two reasons.

I had taken an off from all of my work and even blogging for more than a month now and was already making a come back in September perhaps it was taking too long I thought of doing the review today.

Secondly, I have realized reading books is important but what is also important is to let the words, stories, and the message that we get through these stories sink deep within, it is important to absorb the stories slowly.

And especially with this book, I went too slow because I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Let’s dive into the Real Book Review now:

Title: One Girl Many Lives (e-book format)

Author (s): Ajit Yadav

Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Jithin S

Priya Bajpai

Sona Grover

Edited By: Abhita S

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 259

Publisher : Jimplify Publishers


One Girl Many Lives brings together five writers to create five collaborative stories separated by time and space yet anchored together by life, loss and a yearning to belong.

Set in varied places but inspired by one single image, the stories explore the aftermath of momentous events that have shaped history and our times. A little girl loses her home and family in the Partition riots; another girl has to find a new home with her family in the aftermath of Black July. A young woman searches for love and companionship in New York at the turn of the millennium; a princess on the run traces back her family’s Royal roots in Paris; and an astronaut is at the centre of a quest by her parents to honour her memory.

Endearing, thrilling, gladdening and heartbreaking, these stories capture how we view our identities in times of both peace and conflict. (Source: Amazon)

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The most Special Thing about this book

The book contains 5 short stories and all 5 stories have collaborated between 5 authors. Each story is written by all five of them one after the other. Like one must have started and passed on to the other to continue it and that went on. Isn’t this the most exciting and different concept?

I don’t know about you but I found it really different because I never came across such concepts.

And, honestly it takes a lot of effort to do this so please lets us all appreciate the amazing efforts of all 5 of them and congratulations for finally bring the book out in the world.

The main inspiration and common theme in all 5 stories is the book cover picture, the girl running at full speed like a free bird…

The first story Lone Fight is set in 1947. It gives us a glimpse of India-Pakistan partition and the impact it had on so many innocent lives.

It’s about a girl who losses her complete family and how her childhood was taken away from her in one night. The scars never heal, however somehow life goes on… This story will leave you shaken from within yet in the end, it gives a glimpse of hope.

The second story Black July is set in 1983, which portrays the anti-Tamil riots in the Island nation of Sri Lanka.

The story is about this particular Tamilian family how they managed to escape yet lost everything all at once and by the end, we see how the survivors of the family find their hope. This is another heart-wrenching story that will leave you with a heavy heart.

Religious/Caste conflicts and war only take away peace and innocent lives, they cause long-lasting scars to the ones who survive…

The third story Love2k is about how sometimes even though what we want is right in front of us yet sometimes our mind just loves to play with us, we feel we want more, our expectations sometimes are too much to be real.

This story tells us what real love is, it’s all about making little efforts for the other and doing little things.

One get’s to know about true love only when it’s tested in grave times…

The Runaway Princess is the fourth one and it’s one of my favourite because of it’s unexpected ending, I somehow felt it a little funny at the end for some inexplicable feeling but I loved how a princess turned out a warrior and saved herself…

And the fifth one Spaces, is about loss and how one loss created a lasting emptiness in two lives but at the end somehow they find courage to move on rather drown in the malancoly of paste. I also loved the over all theme of sci-fiction era which could come true in future…

My Review

So you see all five stories are set in different times and every story is different even though the main theme is the same for all.

The fact, that this story became my favourite is because how even as a writer myself, I find difficult to write one story alone but these 5 authors have done some exceptional work.

I on purpose haven’t given much about the book because I really would like all book lovers and amateur writers to buy this book and read it. It will surely help you a lot and also the stories are amazing and different.

I personally loved the stories and no I am not just bragging about it I really mean it.

I am of the opinion that if there is any course like writing courses or if I ever plan to make one such course on my own this book should be included to study and analyze the different writing styles, and it could also help in creating writing exercises.

So I highly reccommend this book for all…

My Name is Nazish and I am from Mumbai, India. I was born and I grew up in Mumbai. I am a writer and have been blogging since 2013. I am here to put my feelings, share stories and try my words to rhyme in the form of poems. I am a passionate writer who dreams of writing inspiring stories some day and becoming a storyteller. Till then I hope you enjoy my blog posts and get inspired by them… My ultimate goal is to keep myself sane through writing and by sharing my views and also to inspire at least one reader out there if not all. So I hope you enjoy my write-ups and get along with me on my writing journey. Happy Reading.


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