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Wacom XP-Pen StarG640 Ultra Thin Graphic Drawing Tablet.- Review

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Some Blabbering

some illustration work… The idea behind me and how I am surrounded by my writing, blogging, art and digital art…

Being a self-taught artist and someone who is hardly earning anything it becomes quite a roller coaster ride.


Because then one has to experiment and take risks quite a lot of times… When I say experiments let’s not even get started with that. As an artist that’s how we learn…But isn’t that how we also grow in life?

Life is also filled with trials and errors and finally lessons…

There is so much of information and products out there it becomes difficult to tackle which one will be better for you…

As an artist and that too a self-taught artist, it has been a journey with quite ups and downs. On top of that, one has to take calculative risks so as to not regret later…

The story behind why I bought my first ever Wacom

My pretty Wacom ❤️

One such risk I took was to buy a Wacom tablet. I first got to know about Wacom Tablets while reading or listening to stories about well-to-do graphic/cartoon artist on Instagram. When they spoke about how they started and what resources they got started with…That is when I came across Wacom Tablets.

I did my research and got to know what exactly Wacom Tablets are and since then I have been wanting to get my hands on one of them at least…

I bought it for digital art that I do and then I was just a beginner in the field. However, I really wanted to try Wacom tablets and most importantly I needed one as at that time I was very much into cartooning.

I did quite a bit of research and figured that Wacoms are the best replacements if one can’t buy an Apple iPad which is far more costly.

Although, Wacoms are also costly.

Perhaps, that depends on which one you wish to buy and of course your budget. Also, there is a large variety of Wacom Tablet available in the market.

Now me being someone who was tight on her budget was looking for something cheap yet that will work for a long time.

And I happened to find Wacom XP-Pen Star G640 the best and in my budget too.

I bought XP-Pen Star, in the year 2019 August and it’s been my companion for a year now. So you see I am doing this review after a year and sharing my experience with you.

Why am I doing this review?

Being a self-taught artist and someone who sometimes have found her self clueless about a lot of things, I feel I should share each part of my journey.

It becomes essential for someone out there who might be struggling just I used to and still do at some point. I have learned the hard way, but maybe I can share my experience and help someone out there to help ease their journey.

At first, I was quite sceptical if I should buy it or not because I had doubts about whether it may work with my pc or may give issues with my software.

Perhaps, that’s what Amazon is for.

I can always return if I am not satisfied with the product.

So after a lot of thoughts and ifs and buts, I took a deep breath and just placed my order.

It costed me for INR 3500/-

When it arrived I was super excited just like a kid. I immediately opened the package and tried to connect it with my pc to give it a try.

What does it Include?

I loved the box, it has some cute art on it. I still have the box. It comes along a warranty card, a quick guide, a USB cable, one stylus pen, 20 replacement nibs for stylus and one pen clipper.

The stylus pen is battery-free, it does not need any kind of battery or charging.

I don’t remember how I installed it, but if I managed to do it, then it must have been a piece of cake.

Even though this blog website is all built by me alone, I still need to confess I am not much good with gadgets and techie related kinds of stuff.

My experience

It is my pc that gives me more issues, but Wacom is smooth and easy to use. It is prompt and has been the best companion to me for a year now. I really love it…

There are no cons, only I feel if the cost could be managed to make a bit low…

I know how difficult it is to get one’s hands-on Wacom when you are just a beginner and wish to take your graphic art/illustrations seriously…So I feel the cost could be managed to lessen so that more people/students can get their hands on this Wacom.

Also, I feel this is the only cheapest one in the market (correct me if I am wrong) perhaps, I feel with quality this is the best for a beginner.

To Conclude…

Being someone who will still take time to settle her freelancing business and someone who is still learning I feel this Wacom has been the best investment…

So if you wish to buy a Wacom and is someone who is looking for cheaper yet something that works best, or wish to gift someone who deserves to have this then here is the link. Buy it without giving a second thought…

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