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Mental Health Awareness… Let’s be open and talk about this…

Before going ahead if you still haven’t read my previous blog post ‘The story behind how Art saved me every time I hit the rock-bottom in my life’ then please do.

I feel the main essence for the month of October and Alexa Campaign is my previous blog post. So if you still haven’t read it then please do.

10th October is known as ‘World Health Mental Day‘, and we all must have written posts, poems, stories, tried our best to raise awareness so that people would come out, talk and seek help openly.

But are we really ready to help?

People write such big captions and posts about mental health but are least bothered to know the person sitting right next to them maybe someone who actually is in need of their help.

The year 2020, have brought quite a lot of challenges, took away so many lives, have been quite depressing for a lot of us, people even became homeless, jobless and are suffering…

Work from home is/was stressful, the absence of maids brought havoc in our lives and we realized their importance much better than ever… From dalgona coffees to baking oreo cakes, from hearing suicide news every now and then to reading the toll of deaths due to the evil coronavirus…

From heavy rainfall still taking at someplace causing floods and ruining many lives and homes, to climate change is getting worse day by day…

Students faced the most challenges especially the last year students who were either planning to go abroad for further studies or were planning to apply for a job, all are now stuck…

The news of rapes, the news of deaths, the Bollywood chaos which was so hyped. Perhaps, there are so many suicides and mental health survivors (maybe still struggling) that actually need our help, support and attention…

photo by Dan Meyers from Unsplash

People who must have managed to start a small side hustle need our support, our growing old parents and even kids who are finding these stay at home now not so happening and are bored, irritated, finding it difficult to stay patient any more needs our attention and help.

Those people who are in search of a job to help their families survive are in need of attention and help, those people who are going through the loss of family members due to this pandemic diseases are in need of help, those people who started a small business risking it all while they lost their good-paying job, need our support and help.

Teachers who are going through so much work and stress and doctors and nurses who are continuously working their best for months now, going through deaths so closely, are in need of attention and help.

People who may look completely fine financially and physically, have good-paying jobs, good friends, family around also needs our attention and help… They might be going through something we are unaware of.

There is a lot going around, and it’s exhausting. But like Mahatma Gandhi has said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

photo by Finn from Unsplash.

Sharing some tips on how can you help people around you…

Listen and don’t judge:

This is the most important factor that we all must instil in ourselves. We need to stop being judgemental, especially when our near and dear ones, or a friend or anyone share their stories or secrets with us. Also, one needs to remember if someone has trusted you with their secrets, they have trusted you with their lives, and sharing their secrets with someone else, is as equal to murdering them… Not physically but mentally. You are then playing with their trust which gives rise to trust issues and this is also the reason, people stop sharing or talking our their fears which gives rise to various mental health…

Support small business and every hustler out there:

When you see someone starting a new business in your circle, or is been trying to bring their business up, please support them. Support does not always have to be monetary. Today, social media plays a huge role in small business and every kind of business ventures. Your one like to their post, one share, and one engagement in the kind of saving their post when it comes to Instagram, helps a lot.

I know this because I run an art page and trying to upscale my page for freelancing business, I find it hard to do it because my followers aren’t that supportive… It is very hard to keep going without such support and help. So please, not for me, but at least support some good and worthy small hustlers, it will mean the world to them and raise their confidence level a bit.

Also, in these difficult times where people lost their jobs, are jobless they have started to do small business. Please lend your support to them.

Also, if you have friends in your circle trying to start a business, help them by taking their services, or buy their products and share the experience, give shout out every once a week to them and help them grow. Friends are the best support and I feel sorry to have no such friends around… DO NOT ASK FOR FREE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS. It takes a lot of time, hard work and quite good investments and risks are involved in business we all are aware…

Start supporting and stop pulling people down. These crucial times are worth helping and supporting your friends and people in your circle.

Spend good quality time with your kids and Parents.

As much as we youngsters go through difficulty and stress so does kids and parents. And especially the lockdown has been getting into our nerves so it has affected mentally to our kids and parents. It’s easy to somehow divert kids mind but with parents it gets difficult. Be patient and kind towards them, I keep showing, sharing my mom some funny videos and me being forgetful and insanely lost minded, helps to create some funny scenes here and there… Lol!

Although, it’s my brother who is good at making things at ease and funny, since he is a sailor and me and my mom get’s bored at home with my father going office to handle the business, I have to find ways to tackle the boredom not just for me but for my mom too…

Take a break from the phone and social media.

I wish to inculcate this in my own schedule… Somehow I wish to spend more time on upscaling my art skills and reading more books… It has become crucial to take a day off at least from social media and also help make our kids and parents and people around us do this. Maybe plan a game, party with kids, some costume party with limited people/friends at home. This will help take some time off and even though we can’t travel and go out much in malls and for movies, try planning some fun things to do at home…

Also: read my blog post on why it is important to take a break from social media.

This will also help in creating a good, stress-free environment at home.

photo by Dustin Belt from Unsplash

Check on your friends and closed ones.

Many of you I am aware must be living alone or away from families. Make sure to do a video call and have some fun session with them. Call your friends together, or catch up with your school/college friends on a Sunday zoom call have a virtual party. This is a fun idea to go back to the memory lane. This way you can at least ease someone’s stressful life if they are not ready to share or maybe you can get aware of someone’s problems and help them.

Seek Help, there is no shame in this.

I know this may seem quite easy, but I know it is not. Coming from someone who herself finds it hard to seek help be it related to anything… and if I do, I must have given ample of thought about it for about weeks and months and finally took the courage to do so…

So please, it’s okay to seek help, talk to your closed ones, friends, maybe put it out on social media, and someone may come to your rescue. These times are tough we all are going through something, but they are not going to last forever…

Stop being Unkind

Most importantly, if you know someone who is a coronavirus survivor or is going through it, please stop treating them as untouchables and like they are the ones because of whom the world is suffering. Stop being like illiterates. It can happen to anyone… Be kind and you can still help them while taking care of yourself…

Kindness is the first step towards any kind of situation in life. Please be kind to people around you, it will bring a lot of change at least for someone out there…

Last but not least…

If you are going through something, speak up. Talk to someone close to you, take professional help, write down your thoughts it helps…

If you know someone close to you going through something then help them seek professional help and be there for them throughout their journey…

I hope this blog posts will make some of you look out, support, help, catch up with long lost friends, uplift someone…

Writing this blogpost did help me realize as much as I am here to advise, I also need to put them into action. So, I hope and wish to do my best to help someone out there.

I am not a professional but I can definitely try to raise awareness and help out someone. This blog post contains my personal thoughts through some personal experience…Mental illness topic is too sensitive and it varies from person to person. If you find anything on my blog hurtful or something not making sense I would like to apologize and do help me enlighten if I have been wrong somewhere… Thank You!

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My Name is Nazish and I am from Mumbai, India. I was born and I grew up in Mumbai. I am a writer and have been blogging since 2013. I am here to put my feelings, share stories and try my words to rhyme in the form of poems. I am a passionate writer who dreams of writing inspiring stories some day and becoming a storyteller. Till then I hope you enjoy my blog posts and get inspired by them… My ultimate goal is to keep myself sane through writing and by sharing my views and also to inspire at least one reader out there if not all. So I hope you enjoy my write-ups and get along with me on my writing journey. Happy Reading.


  • Jenny in Neverland

    Fantastic post and great points you make too. There’s always something else we can be doing. I have a problem with Mental Health Awareness Day. Every day should be MHAD and I hate the excuse for people to drum up likes and attention when they’re going actually going to do anything about it.

  • Ashvini Naik

    Can’t agree more.

    Being kind is just a virtue taught to us in school but is soon forgotten. We tend to become so self-centred to ignore or even thwart at somebody’s life choices or efforts. Mental health is as important as our physical well-being. Judging someone is the meanest thing we could do.

    Brilliant post, Nazish.

  • Neha

    These are lovely points. Mental Health is something that people have started to talk about only now. It is important that we connect our family and talk our heart out.

  • Ghazala Naseem

    I wrote a similar post few days back on Instagram , you can check at my handle @indianbeautybloom.

    Agree with all you have written.
    We need to support people around us , show some kindness 🙂

  • Varsh

    Loved this post! You’ve addressed everything from the reasons for bad mental health and the ways to it too. True, before making big statements we need to be mindful and attentive towards people around us.

  • PRB

    You have expressed beautifully about such an important issue. 2020 has truly brought out so much of ill-mental-health around us. It’s important for all of us to talk and listen to others. Thanks much for writing.

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