Highlights of the year 2020…

I know I have been away from blogging for quite some time now. It was in October that I last blogged and I feel so guilty about it…

However, I had so much of a workload on me that Blogging got sidelined. And so, I am saying from the bottom of my heart that I missed blogging and reading blogs a lot.

So here I am giving you insights about how my journey was in the year 2020 and some major highlights.

2020, was the year that no one wish to look back at and neither anyone would feel happy talking about it. Perhaps, for me, it was a kind of a roller coaster ride.

For me, the year 2020 was one important year and the only flaw was the pandemic.

I wish to mark the year 2020 as one of the most important years in my life because not only I learned a lot this year but also Alhamdullilah (praise be to Allah) I somehow (surprisingly) managed to achieve a lot.

Highlights of the year 2020.

As the year 2020 began so did my hustle to make my way as an illustrator artist and a blogger. I started my journey as an artist and also tried to take my blogging journey serious.

I had been working on my logo to launch at the beginning of 2020 since the year 2019 itself. So 1st January marks the beginning of my brand as an artist.

I had started my current Instagram page with the beginning of the year 2020. I started sharing my illustrated cartoons on Instagram for which I used to get a lot of appreciation. I still feel so grateful for it.

January is a bit special to me since it’s my birth month perhaps, I hardly celebrate my birthday. However, January 2020 was a bit extra low for me emotionally since not only had I was alone spending time on my birthday but also turning 25 was a bit depressing for me…

I always dreamt of being a strong and independent woman when I turn 25, however, it was completely the opposite of what I had dreamt. I had just begun with my art journey that too I wasn’t confident enough whether will it work or not.

 I did not even have any solid plans for my blogs or art journey.

So to those who think just because I post all good things that happened in 2020 with me on social media, you all have no idea how hard was it for me actually to survive it through… You only know what I allow you to know… You know nothing about ‘behind the scene’ stress I have been through…

So please don’t take this post as I am bragging about my achievements and stuff, it is just my way to celebrate my wins. We all know just surviving through 2020 is the biggest achievement for all of us so just pat your self for that… And not even for once compare your life or your journey with someone else’s life/journey.

February 3rd 2020, was my Convocation day and I had got a chance to wear a saree on my convocation day. I was so happy and proud of myself that day… I finally could hold my Post-Graduate degree with pride.

It was in mid-March or April that lockdown was announced in India due to the Pandemic. Those 3 to 4 months were the toughest and I feel it was the most horrible months for all of us…

By March I already had started taking interest in watercolour florals and was trying my hand in it. During the lockdown, I also experimented with more acrylic and watercolour journaling.

July 26th 2020, I announced with a heavy heart about me leaving cartooning ( for my personal beliefs) and it was one of the toughest decisions. I don’t think I can ever get over that pain… I remember how much hard work and practice I had put into just learning to draw cartoons since June 2019.

After announcing the decision of leaving cartooning I was quite depressed and felt hopeless. Perhaps, when God takes one thing from you he replaces something better in place of it. That is how I took interest in Brush pen calligraphy and watercolour art a bit more.

For a month I took off from posting on Instagram and I just practised and worked on my calligraphy and watercolour painting skills.

After a month break, I shared all my one month of hard work, posted my brush pen calligraphy and watercolour art along with digital illustration art that I do (without facial features).

Although, my blogging was getting affected. I kept it on hold and honestly, I seriously feel bad about it.

September 2020, I surprisingly got my first commissioned artwork. It was for a client who wanted me to make 30 mini Thank You cards that too hand made and painted using watercolours.

Read here to know “How art saved me from hopelessness”

This was surreal for me.

In the same month on September 20th 2020, I managed to organize my first ever art workshop as a glass painting workshop for interested people in my society. Due to pandemic, I could not promote it on a larger scale and yes, I am aware a lot of people are opting for online workshops but somehow I am not yet there…

I also have few students under me who are learning the art of painting from me and even little kids come to me to learn painting or DIY craft.

In October 2020, i.e on 15th of OctoberThe Unforgotten Spring” an anthology book where two of my poems are published got released.

While everything was going smooth, there were still a lot of hurdles my way.

Even though I was posting my art on Instagram, one of the commission work was already in my hand I still felt low and uneasy for some inexplicable reason. I slowly realized that something is not right…

I remember I was just in the middle of ‘My Friend Alexa’ campaign hosted by Blogchatter when I had finally come back to blogging and was getting into the momentum of blogging. In the middle of it, I bagged a chance where I had a one on one session with a digital marketing expert who made me realize where all have I been going wrong.

She made me look out those points which were major flaws in terms of my blogging website + my Instagram page.

If you have been to my blog before and if you have visited again today after a long time, have you noticed the difference?

Well, the major difference is my domain. I had to change (replace) my domain from lifeandmusing to nazishblogs because I wasn’t promoting lifeandmusing but I was promoting myself as a writer, blogger, and an artist. So lifeandmusing made no sense here.

The other changes I made were I made another account on Instagram for my blogging and write-ups purpose while I have my old Instagram account for my art-related purpose.

Even though it is still hard for me to manage 2 Instagram accounts and then a blogging website I am still figuring out my way.

And because of all these changes, I could not complete the ‘My friend Alexa’ challenge too. I was still directionless in terms of content w.r.t. to my blog as well as my 2 Instagram accounts.

In the middle of all these major changes and clearing out the mess I had also started planning to launch my own designed products i.e Desk calendar 2020, To-do-list notepad, and My own designed planner diary.

It took me ages to come up with an idea for a desk calendar as I was short of time, finally decided and settled with the theme of fruits and flowers. I worked on hand-drawn flowers and hand-painted the fruits watercolours. It was tough, but somehow I managed it.

The design for to-do-list notepad was already ready as I had designed it long back. The next task was the major one, the planner.

Notepad and desk calendar was already announced in November, planners were announced quite late in December.

I salute every artist out there who takes so much of efforts and do so much of planning to bring out those amazing planners. Even though my planner was not that fancy and I opted for a simple design due to shortage of time I still felt, this job is the most tedious and tough one.

free stickers for those who ordered my designed planners.

However, all my products got an amazing response. There are so many amazing reviews, I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed. I wasn’t even expecting this as I knew I don’t have much reach and I was a bit late too.

I was not planning to promote my designed planner much perhaps, it surprisingly got an amazing response even in the little promotion and marketing that I managed to do.

December 2020:

A lot of people advised me to promote my products on a larger scale, however, I had no energy and time

In the middle of all this, there came another great opportunity knocking my door.

I got another commissioned work again the client demand was they wanted their artwork in watercolours.

sharing one of the work from my commissioned art work.

Completing this task wasn’t an easy job because a) it was on short notice + had to be delivered in a week and b) my low self-esteem demon was high at this point.

When I used to do cartooning, I always had one wish that I wanted to illustrate for a book. Like for a children’s book or something. Perhaps, since I left cartooning that was like an impossible dream for me.

However, through this client’s work, I got a chance to live that dream for once.

In the middle of November and December, I tried my hand in baking since I needed a break from constant thoughts about how will I survive as an artist and writer? What should I do next? These thoughts were just playing around and so I thought to divert my mind a bit.

I also got a chance to learn to drive scoter (thanks to my nephews who helped me out), however, I just know a bit and am not a pro yet. I am more inclined to learn 4 wheelers someday.

Oh! I forgot to mention one of the greatest news, my paintings are finally up for sale. 2 of my paintings are placed for sale on craftiesandarties website and this is close to my heart. I have been doing acrylic paintings since 2018 and trying to reach more audience and sell my artwork, perhaps this opportunity came to my door unexpectedly.

Here are the links to my paintings “the blooming fire” and “the emerging hope”

It’s not that I only faced all achievements and only good things happened to me in 2020. There were quite a few setbacks as well.

I am highly disappointed by my self for not completing my reading goals this year as well… I want to read more books and looking forward to doing the same in the year 2021.

Books read this year.

I didn’t write much in the year 2020, neither did take my blogging journey seriously which I am looking forward to highly change and write more, blog more, journal more in the year 2021.

Even though you won’t believe it but I have been a complete mess of a person and I need to take action and improve this in me.

I had got an opportunity from one of the leading banks of India (won’t name it). One of their branches department ( hope I am making sense here) loved my calendar designs and were ready to give me a bulk order perhaps, things didn’t work in the best of my interests and I had to reject their order.

 This was when I had very few orders for my calendar and I was quite disappointed. I almost had given up on the idea of selling desk calendars but somehow things took a complete u-turn and I printed my calendars finally and sold them off!

Started 2020 on a low note almost on a melancholic note, had a rough ride throughout the year, perhaps every phase taught me a lot. 

2020, made me stronger and wiser and more importantly, I came this far all alone by myself… This is a great achievement for me.

So many lessons I got to learn, so many things that were important for me to unlearn (which I will be talking in another blog post coming in few days), opportunities came and knocked my door, learned lessons from my own experiences and now I am looking forward to learning a bit more.

Life is all about learning and I wish to keep learning and exploring new things. 

The year 2020 was tough yet it was one amazing year for me. I taught turning 25 is the most depressing thing but the 25th year of my life was the best year after my childhood of course.

The Year 2020 marks the beginning of my journey as a freelance artist, I am aware as a blogger I need to learn a bit more and stay focused. as an artist too I have a long way to go and I am hoping I stay focused and motivated in the year 2021 to grow my blog as well as my freelance business…

Thanks a lot to everyone who have been a part of my journey, who ordered my products and have appreciated my hard-work, to those who didn’t order yet gave some sweet compliments and shared my work with their friends. To those who are reading this thanks for keeping patience with me and helping me in some way or the other and a huge thanks to all those who are reading this and bearing with me. lol!

I hope 2021 bring loads of positivity, health and wealth in all our lives and our loved one’s life too.

Have a very Healthy and a Happy New Year…

3 thoughts on “Highlights of the year 2020…

  1. Change is always difficult, and I applaud you for taking a leap of faith by changing your domain name and starting a second Instagram account. Also, your watercolor paintings look amazing! Have you always been an artist from a young age?

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, and I am wishing you all the best in the year ahead.

    1. Thank you Ming for visiting back and appreciating my courage to actually bring the changes.
      No, since childhood I was never into painting. It only happened in the year 2020 that I happened to know I am actually good with water colours too. This was surreal for me as well.

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