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Why You Should Start Blogging in 2021 And Be Super Serious About It.

There will be many people who will tell you that blogging is dying and one must not start blogging. There is no scope in blogging…

But here I am going to tell you otherwise.

Simply to say Blogging is not dying at all, but it’s got a bit tricky and you will need a good strategy to sustain in the market.

If you are someone who is looking to do something productive in life, if you are a housewife who wants to start something new that is absolutely yours, if you are someone who wishes to re-start their career or a student who wishes to be well ahead of their peers, then you should definitely start blogging.

First, let me explain to you what is blogging and why you should consider starting a blog and the risk involved with blogging.

What is Blogging?

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A blog according to Wikipedia is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

In the ’90s when blogging actually came into existence, at that time blogging was more like someone is journaling their thoughts, and that is how people connected with each other.

But today, a blog is far more than just someone’s way to journal. It’s one of the most important factors for every business growth.

Today, blogging is a way to connect with readers or customers and a way to provide the latest information regarding businesses or anything that is in trend.

Blogging to many even today simply means journaling their thoughts or a hobby. But to many out there blogging is a full-time career and these bloggers are earning a lot with just blogging.

You will be disappointed to know that blogging does not just means writing an essay or your thoughts on a certain topic and just hitting the publish button.

It involves a lot of hard work and it takes years of experience to actually get blogging right and start earning.

Blogging is not dead yet and I don’t see it dying any sooner. Of course the competition is high, but this should not be the reason to take your steps away from blogging.

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Types of Blogs

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for why start blogging in 2021.
Pic Credit: Picture is sourced from Unsplash.

There are many types of blogs. You can start a personal blog, by just sharing your day to day life things or start a blog on your favourite topic. Perhaps, this is something I may not suggest. However, you can experiment with it.

There are book bloggers who specifically keep their blog related to books, there are fashion and travel bloggers who keep their blogs more picture sharing kind off! which by the way today many are doing on Instagram as well.

There are food bloggers who share food recipes,then there are lifestyle bloggers who blog about a lot of topics be it beauty, fashion or even bloggers who blog specially related to blogging tips and tricks (which I am doing here…) and then there are many more…

There are blogs which are more business-related, for example, go on any goods or service providers website and they should have an option on their menu bar which says ‘BLOG’. And this is why I said, blog has become one of the most important factor for every business growth today.

You must be confused if there are so many types of blogs which one should you start with? That’s where niche comes to your rescue and I will help you find your niche in the next topic.

What is a Niche

In simple term, a niche means a topic. Something you are keenly interested in to read, to talk, to write…

Like you can talk for hours on it and you still won’t get bored, and even if you run out of ideas, you will search about it and gain more knowledge and then share the same.

That is what niche is.

Let me give you my example, I love to read blogs about productivity, blogging, and about books. So I read blogs on it, I watch videos about it, and since I have been into the industry for like years now (even though I have not been very consistent) but I do have knowledge and now I am sharing with you the same.

I can talk about it confidently, I can do research about it without feeling bored, and I can blog about it without making me feel drained.

In simple terms I enjoy doing this.

Basically, your niche should be something you love to write or talk about, it should be of your interest that you feel comfortable and excited to share about it and also explore the same.

This is important because if you wish to be a successful blogger, you need to enjoy it, make it your priority and commit to it. So you need to choose a niche that you enjoy. But there is a catch here.

Your niche should not just be something that you enjoy, but it should also be something that others would love to read about. Today, when you are suggested to choose a niche it should be something that you love but also something that will help people out there as well.

In simple terms, your niche should be something that you are expert in and people should come to you to solve thier problem in that particular area that you are expert in.

This isn’t hard.

If you are a student to whom your classmates come and ask for solutions or notes, then you can start a teaching blog, if you are a mother who wants to share some tips about motherhood, you can start about motherhood blogging, if you love to cook you can start a food blogging. If you love makeup, start with sharing the reviews of products you are using, start with sharing tips for makeup and choosing the right products.

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Blogging is not easy.

With a lot of competition around and a lot of content already available on the internet, blogging is not an easy job.

It really takes months and years to get those dollars coming in.

Blogging is a slow process if you wish to make money out of it.

It involves a lot more procedure and steps than just typing words out. In fact, today if you wish to see your blog on top, you can’t even write anything and post it. It should be meaningful and helpful to your audience who is reading it.

That is your content on your blog should provide some value to your audience.

With vlogging (video blogging) running in trend, it has got a lot more tough to retain as a content blogger. But it’s not impossible.

You will have to just be persistent, hard-working and like I said more committed to it like you are married to it and also stay consistent even when things are not working the way you want.

Why consider to start blogging?

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for why start blogging in 2021.
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Do you know how I managed to get published in an e-magazine even without an experience?

It was when I was 19, and that was through my old blog itself.

There was a blog post on my blog and the editor of the magazine came across it and wanted it to publish the same in their e-magazine. And that’s how I got published.

This takes us to our first reason why you should consider to start blogging.

Creates Opportunities and Builds Portfolio

Blogging can be a door for you to grab opportunities. It will help you get noticed by many out there. It will definitely help you in the long run. Blogs today are like your portfolio, the minute some client or someone ask you what is that you are expert in?

You can show them your blog. It will make a good impression on clients or in your interview sessions in future.

Helps in learning technical skills.

I did mention above that blogging is not just about typing a 1000 to 2000 words long post and publishing it. Blogging is a lot more than that.

You get to learn the following skills which is important for surviving in the long run.

Website building

SEO and keyword research skills

Content writing

Social media marketing and management

Google analytics

Advertising skills

Affiliate marketing…

Photography skills

Graphic designing and a lot more…

You see blogging isn’t easy. It’s a lot of hard work and a lot of years and months goes in being a successful blogger and with competition already going tough, it will be a lot more hard to retain in the business…

But that’s like in every kind of business and stream… And this definitely should not scare you.

Best for Writers and Freelancers

Blogging is best option who dreams to be a writer one day. Well, your one day is already here. Start writing a blog and there you are not just a writer but soon will be a published writer (just like me.)

Blogging helps to improve your writing skills and also a good way to create a portfolio for yourself.

Blogging from an early age be it you are a student or someone who is soon going to get graduate, and is dreaming to be a freelancer some day then please invest your time, money and energy in building your portfolio through blogging rather than lazing and scrolling on Instagram.

Even if you are a teenager, get yourself a blogging website and start your work now…

Something is better than nothing

To all those teenagers, or young students who are waiting to grab an opportunity to start with their career life, what are you waiting for? Just get started with blogging and with the time you will understand why I am urging you to start blogging.

It will help you get productive and have something creative to do in life.

Blogging will be counted as your experience and you will surely look professional when you will mention it in your cv.

Blogging helps you with your research, writing and management skills. With blogging comes a lot of reading, research and you have to juggle with a lot of multi-tasking which will help you learn to stay organized and help you in your management skills. (i.e. if you really are committed and are putting your efforts into it.)

Google loves new content that adds value to its audience

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for why start blogging in 2021.
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This is the one major reason blogs are not dying and you can’t expect it to die any sooner.

Businesses have a content providing blog, on their website to get ranked on google as high as they can( organically) by using the right keywords and proper SEO skills.

This is also one of the major reasons why you should start a blog as it will help you in learning S.E.O skills which for your information is one of the highest paying jobs if you are an S.E.O. expert.

If your content is something that Google realize is the best and most apt for its audience who is finding solutions and value in the search engine your blog will be ranked on top.

You can earn money through blogging.

This I mentioned in the last because it’s not that easy as it seems. Like I have been repeating myself throughout my blog, it’s not quick and easy to make money through blogging.

There are ways to earn through blog but that will take some time and you need to be patient with it. You can’t expect to just start a blog and start earning. One has to give a lot of efforts, keep a lot of patience, and with time it will happen.

But most importantly, you will have to stay consistent with blogging for months and years, have a good audience or your community to actually start earning.

One huge mistake I have been doing in my blogging career is not staying consistent. But well, I hope with the plan in mind, and right strategy and mindset I am ready to bounce back.

So yes, blogging is evolving and if you are looking for something to start with but can’t understand where to start? Then blogging is your answer.

It’s not rocket science, with time and efforts you will learn all the ifs and buts but if you fear the competition and all the overwhelmed information on the internet, then you are definitely not going to go anywhere.

Blogging can take you miles and can be your first step towards your path to achieving success. So just start with it.


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My Name is Nazish and I am from Mumbai, India. I was born and I grew up in Mumbai. I am a writer and have been blogging since 2013. I am here to put my feelings, share stories and try my words to rhyme in the form of poems. I am a passionate writer who dreams of writing inspiring stories some day and becoming a storyteller. Till then I hope you enjoy my blog posts and get inspired by them… My ultimate goal is to keep myself sane through writing and by sharing my views and also to inspire at least one reader out there if not all. So I hope you enjoy my write-ups and get along with me on my writing journey. Happy Reading.

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