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Things to Consider Before You Start Blogging in the year 2021.

If you are someone who is planning to start your blogging journey, you need to consider somethings before you start your blogging journey in the year 2021.

We are in the digital age where there are millions of blogs running today and blogging is one of the most competitive fields.

Read this blog post till the end before you start a blog.

Blogging is not an easy job. Today every other person is running a blog. Mostly all big to small businesses are already aware the importance of having a blog.

There are already millions of blogs today and you need to make your way through in this competitive market.

Don’t you worry. I have got your back. All you have to do is, take a deep breath and read till the end.

Define your ‘why? Why you want to start a blog?

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Before starting your blogging journey, you need to know why you want to blog?

The first thing you need to do is think and write down why you wish to start blogging?

Is it just the craze to get noticed and fame or you think you can just write one blog post a month, disappear for next 6 months and think you’ll start earning over night? Then please don’t even think about blogging. Stay away from the this fantasy of yours.

But if you are someone who loves the idea of having something of your own, if you are ready to hustle day in and day out and still won’t get tired of it.

If you love to write and share your knowledge if you love to read other blogs and are inspired to start one of yours. Then you should definitely start blogging.

But, before that just sit down with a pen and a book and write down why you wish to start a blog? Write your blogging goals, write your blogging vision.

Why I say this is because, a lot of times beginner bloggers (like the old me) would begin blogging with a lot of enthusiasm and start blogging.

They would post for a week or two and then get into the lazy mode or realize they won’t be able to make it.

At such phase you can always go back to your why’s , your blogging goals and the vision you have for your blog.

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Choose a Niche

When you decide your why you will also have to choose a niche or perhaps it could be the other way round.

For example, I re-started my blogging venture with the thought that there may be a lot of enthusiast like me who have the potential it’s only the willingness to get out of their comfort zone and a little push that they need. So rather than looking too far, I thought why not re-start blogging to solve the problem of many who wish to be a successful blogger.

Therefore, I choose my niche as blogging because that’s what I am good at, that is what I can help people with, that is what I myself love to explore and read about it.

And so, you will have to choose a niche that you are passionate about, you yourself want to be known as an expert about that topic, and you would love to explore and read, research, write about it.

Basically, your niche should be something that not only you are curious and passionate about, but also is solving/helping many other people’s problem or adding value to them.

Pro Tip: Choose a niche and narrow it down a bit.

For example, if your niche is about fashion, then narrow it down to fashion for teenagers, or fashion for 20’s or fashion for women in their 20’s.

First make yourself known in that particular narrow niche, become an expert in that so much so, that your readers would start recognizing you as an expert in that particular niche, and then slowly widen your niche.

Research and Read A lot before starting your blogging journey.

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Before starting a blog you need to do a lot of research and reading.

Before you take another step, please do a research on your niche and the competitors in your niche. See how they started, what value are they providing and analyze everything.

Do a lot of reading and get more knowledge about your niche so you can provide a lot of value to your audience.

The key to everything with respect to blogging is a lot of research.

Honestly, in every kind of online/social business today you need to do a lot of research and constantly keep analyzing the market.

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Take one step at a time

A lot of expert bloggers are of the opinion that one must start their blogging journey with a self-hosted site or on a free-blogging site.

A free-blogging site is like ‘WordPress or Blogger’ where you can freely blog. But here, the catch is, you don’t own your blog here. The are high chances that you can lose all your content if the site wishes to take it down. And you won’t be able to do anything.

Here, all you need to do is make an account, choose a theme and start blogging. Not much technical wisdom is required here.

But many don’t take this as a professionalism in blogging.

A self-hosted site means you pay to buy a domain and for a web hosting and that makes a site that you actually own it. You have full control over it and you can relax and keep posting your content.

However, a self-hosted site will need a lot of technical knowledge on your side and is a bit tricky (But if I can do it all alone, so can you.)

With a self-hosted blogging site, you look professional + you have high chances to get your blog on google ad-sense and can start earning as well. Ad-sense is not allowed on free blogging sites.

In easy language a free blogging site is like a rented apartment, you don’t have a full control or security about it. You can be kicked out anytime. A self-hosted site if your own house, you have full security and control on it.

My suggestion here is if you are a total beginner, then experiment yourself for next 6 months or perhaps a year with a free blogging site, get used to writing content consistently, build your audience, get a proper hang of what actually blogging is and if you have got it what it takes.

Once you realize this is it, I can do it. Then without wasting

any more time just get yourself a self-hosted blogging site.

(Psst. if your content is safe on your free blogging site, you can transfer it to your new self-hosted blogging site, I did the same.)

But if you are 100% sure you wish to start blogging with 200% dedication then please do buy a self-hosted blogging site.

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Before you start your blog, know one thing clear.

Blogging is a lot more than just typing down and hitting the publish button.

One blog post article takes sometimes days and weeks to be that perfect to actually go live.

Before you write your blog post make sure to do a lot of research.

You have to do a first draft where in you actually just brain dump your thoughts about the topic you wish to write.

Then make it look strategically proper and edit it accordingly.

Read like a thousand times, delete the unwanted things, add a little more value, edit the grammar, spell errrors.

Check and re-check your work and add relevant good pictures.

This is time consuming and takes a lot of efforts

This is how blogging is done.

Plan it Out before starting your Blogging Journey.

Planning is an important part of blogging.

You will have to do a lot of pre-planning and strategize your work, before you start your blog.

You need to plan out your content, think and plan out when are you going to post it.

How will you keep yourself organized with the multi-tasking things that blogging comes up with.

You will have to come up with weekly slots for content writing, picture taking/editing, promoting your blogs, social media plan out as well.

For example, if you wish to post your blog posts every Monday (like me) you will have to make sure to start working a week before and as a beginner even during weekends.

Book a day to do a good research on your topic and make notes, book another day for just taking photos and editing your photos. Another day for writing and doing keyword research.

Know the Basic SEO knowledge.

It is better to know all about SEO and keywords and do a research.

As a beginner, it won’t be easy to understand it since a lot of changes happen over time with SEO analysis. Just keep reading articles, watch tutorials related to it on youtube and try to practice it while blogging.

Content is King and Consistency is Queen.

While starting a blog will be an overwhelming experience with choosing the right theme and getting to know a lot more technicalities involved, don’t get much into designing your blog in the beginning.

Keep it simple at first and pay more attention to your content as valuable content will always rule over every other aspect.

Just make sure to stay consistent, keep that passion of yours alive even on the rough days.

Do not give up even when you feel like it. No matter what you try to do in life, this is the golden rule of any social/online business you will ever try to do. I.e Content is king and consistency is the queen.

Both content and consistency go hand in hand. Without any one of them, you won’t be able to survive. Valuable content with consistency will help you a lot in the long run.

Practice will make you Perfect.

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Lastly, as a beginner, take one step at a time or you will be drained out. Keep in mind your “why” your “goals” and why you started it.

If you have made up your mind, start today, Start now.

Don’t let anything, any fear take you down. If you have the potential and you are willing to give it all, then start small, but start.

Blogging is tough, but so is everything in life. With efforts and practice, you will get there.

Be Authentic.

Do not try to copy other bloggers, experiment with your style, and try out things differently.

The main thing is your own experience will take you a long way not just in your career but also in life.

Every blogger has a different experience and different journey, so don’t get trapped in the comparison.

Just be the real you and start your blogging journey with your uniqueness.

To Conclude…

Before starting your blogging journey in the year 2021 make sure you have a plan. At least, get familiar with blogging and everything about blogging.

Read a lot, research a lot, know the market, know how others are managing it, analyze everything. What new can you bring in the market to survive?

However, if you are ready, if you have read, researched well and you feel blogging is your calling then “STOP THINKING AND START DOING IT”

Just make sure, to enjoy this roller coaster ride and give your 100 percent in this.

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