Book Review of The lost wanderer by Namrata

A Lost Wanderer- A book of Memories. by Namrata. (Book-Review)

The only two things that will come to your rescue in this depressing, never-ending lockdown are books and Netflix.

And if you are reading a book that takes you to different parts of the world and makes you feel like you are traveling with them it’s like eating the extra cheese burst pizza feeling.

‘A Lost Wanderer’ by Namrata is the book you need to read if you are wishing to travel somewhere but stuck in this depressing, never-ending lockdown.

Let me tell you bit about the author.

Namrata (Nammy Di) is a very close friend, a guide, my inspiration, and a sister to me. She is the only person I run to when I find myself in the dungeon of hopelessness.

I have never met her personally, but she has always been there for me. We met her years ago when we were a part of a writing project that got scraped later. But I managed to stay in touch with her.

I am blessed to have her in my life.

Anyway, without taking more of your time let me get straight into the book review.

The struggle is real. Life is not only about dreams; it is also about the nightmares that haunt us every night.

Namrata- A lost wanderer.

About the Author:

Namrata is a Lost Wanderer who loves traveling the length and breadth of the world. A published author in various books and magazines she enjoys capturing the magic of life in her words. Her previous works include the Metro Diaries collection.

She is always in pursuit of a new country, a new story, and new people to talk to. She can be reached at (Sourced from the Book ‘A Lost Wanderer’)

About the Book:

Title: A Lost Wanderer

Author: Namrata

Number of Pages: 177

Format: E-book

First Published : Year 2021

Inspired by Real Life Incidents


Laze on the sunny beaches of Australia, drown your worries at the Varanasi Ghats, or get lost in the endless roads of Pangong Lake – this book promises to infect you with an incurable wanderlust. Sprinkled with liberal doses of real-life incidences and stories these pages capture the real magic of a place through its people in the perfect manner

Be it the old man climbing the Sydney Eye at the age of 80 or the lonesome kid at Nubra Valley they promise to redefine life like never before. Fasten your seat belts as you embark on a journey of a lifetime with A Lost Wanderer where the greys of life are accentuated to create the most spectacular silhouette to warm your insides. Source: Amazon

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How important it is in life to have passion, to chase it with fire in our eyes and hunger in our tummy.

Namrata- A lost Wanderer.


The day I saw Nammy di’s Instagram post about her book getting published is the same day I bought the book immediately.

It took me some time to read the book and finish it off. Although I started reading the book before Ramadan, I could only finish it off after Ramadan ended.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book because the traveler in me is already on the verge of a massive breakdown anytime soon to get stuck to not just the lockdown but also to personal circumstances.

It is in the darkest alleys of your life that you realize your true being, your real strength; for in the dark, even your shadow leaves you!

Namrata – A lost Wanderer.

The other reason I loved the book is that just before I started reading this book I had this strong urge to go back and read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Which by the way I have already read years ago.

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While reading A lost wanderer, it so much reminded me about Eat-Pray-Love. It made me feel as if I am actually traveling to Sydney and I had a great adventure in Ladakh.

I could actually feel the essence of Varanasi and sometimes even feel and completely relate to the pain the author has mentioned in the book.

There came a time when I stopped wanting to change anything in me. I wanted to be accepted for what I was without being reminded about my flaws or positives and that I learned could happen only if I did it myself.

Namrata- A lost Wanderer.

The way the author traveled and explored Sydney is the exact way I wish to travel and explore Istanbul someday.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was short crisp, still gave a lot of insights into the journey the author embarked.

The only complaint I have is I wish I could read more adventure stories from the author. There is a mention in the book that she has visited Istanbul and I wish to know her experience of the same.

I may sound a bit bias here that the book is a perfect read. But trust me if you are looking for something light-read, short yet adventurous and exciting then this is a must-read.

The book is not just about travel and a beautiful journey, it’s also about the author’s true deep feelings. I could relate to every feeling that the author has shared. The book is not just about making you itch to travel but it also has some amazing life lessons to learn from.

It has some deep life lessons. Truly they say, lessons one learn through travelling is something that no book, no higher education can give in this world.

I wish to be a traveler someday and write stories about the places, the people I meet, the food I eat.

I am in love with Istanbul and I wish to travel and stay there for some months. To know their culture, to know about their food, their history, their beliefs.

I hope someday I am able to make my dream come true…

What are you currently reading?

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