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How to Become a Water Colour Artist in Just INR 1000/- only.

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Are you one of those amateur artists who think you can become a better artist only when you buy costly art supplies?

Then you have been highly mistaken. You can become a watercolor artist in just INR 1000/-

Yes, that is right just some basic 3 to 4 materials and everyday practice will make you a watercolor artist that you have been dreaming of.

I am a multi-talented artist who is pretty good with acrylic, watercolor medium, I also am a digital illustrator (graphic designer) and I am currently practicing brush calligraphy as well.

You see I am involved in a lot of mediums but remember I took my time and years to be where I am today.

My First Water Color Art Commission Story

how to become a water colour artist in just INR 1000/-
These are the 30 mini thank you cards I had prepared for the client.

When I was approached by a client in the year 2020 for a commissioned project, at that point I had just begun with my watercolor journey.

The client requirement was hand-made/hand-painted 30 mini ‘Thank You’ cards.

At that point, I just had a very old Camlin Watercolor cakes paint box, and I honestly just used hardly 2 brushes.

I used some cartridge papers and had to cut them in small square shapes.

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Basic Water Color Supplies You Need

The following are some basic supplies one needs to start their watercolor journey. These are affordable and I have well experienced most of these supplies.


Image Sourced from Google.

You can buy it from

To start with watercolor I would suggest buying this Camlin Artist 24 shades cake box which approximately cost 300/-.

I have used this same box for my commissioned work and I still have it and use it sometimes. If you wish to be serious with your journey I suggest you buy artist range watercolors as they have better pigmentation.

I highly suggest buying a watercolor cake than tubes (With acrylics I prefer tubes over bottles)


Image Source: Amazon

You can buy these brushes from here

As a beginner, I would suggest Faber Castell 7 Round Paintbrushes which have synthetic hair. I have these and they are good to go as a beginner. They work quite well and I feel most comfortable with them while also practicing some watercolor florals.

This pack cost approximately INR 250/-

IMAGE Sourced from Amazon

If you are in need of some round and flat brushes mix version then I would suggest this Camlin brushes pack. This pack also costs INR 250/-

You can buy these brushes from here


Image Sources from Google

You can buy these papers from here

The cheapest would be cartridge papers which also come in form of drawing books there are varieties of them available.

However, if you would like to go a step forward then Canson watercolor paper with 300 gsm which has 20 sheets (SIZE A5) cost around INR 200/-

I have used them before and I absolutely loved them.

That is all one need for supplies when it comes to water color.

However, one just doesn’t become an artist with just these supplies. You also need to practice every single day of your life.

As a passionate artist, I feel empty if I spend more than 2 to 3 days without painting. Well, that could be because of laziness, my mood swings, or because I am working on my blog or reading.

But I do make it a point to keep practicing and even attend some workshops if I feel I need to brush up my skills.

There are ample Youtube videos from where you can follow to start learning watercolor.

Pro Tip:

I would advise you to start small and start with something you feel good about. For example, I love to paint landscapes but I thoroughly enjoy doing watercolor food illustrations.

While doing food and fruits illustration you actually learn how to highlight, how to do detailing’s and this helps to understand how watercolor works.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you are an artist or a creative person like me who loves to read, write and paint then do join my creative family by subscribing to my blog to stay with the latest updates and some insights that I will be sharing on every 15th and 30th of every month.

Exclusively to only my Creative family.

Hope you are safe and healthy.

Sending a lot of positivity on your way…

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