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How to find a Niche? Do You Really Need A Niche?

When I was often bombarded by this line, narrow down your niche.

I was so annoyed by this because I have multiple talents and interests. And want to use all of them.

I am an artist ( involved in watercolor/acrylic paintings + digital illustrations) blogger, published writer (poems + Stories).

So to actually narrowing down my niche doesn’t work for me because writing and art both help me survive this life.

But yes, I am trying to play along around everything I love doing and be the creative boss that I have in me.

But you must be thinking how should you find your niche?

Well first let me tell you what is a niche?

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what is a niche?
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What is Niche?

According to Google, a niche is “a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”

A niche is what you are an expert in, a topic you are good at, a skill/service you can provide the best.

When they say find your niche, they mean finding something you are good at, research how can people around you benefit from this and use this as an opportunity to help people out and doing what you love + filling in your bank account.

If you are good at art you can become an art educator this becomes providing your service, or if you are good at designing products you can launch your products and this becomes a product providing service. Or you can do both.

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why narrowing your niche is important?
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But why do they say to narrow down your niche?

Because the market is tight with competators.

Every niche has huge competition out there. Everyone is trying to make their way through the crowd.

To make your mark in this competitive market you need to give something different and something in-depth and basic to your audience.

For example: If you are into fashion, it is a vast topic, rather choose to narrow it down for example you can target fashion for working moms, fashion for college students.

This way you try to give something creative of your own and basic. It also becomes easier to focus on a smaller niche and make yourself as a brand in the same industry.

By narrowing down your niche it becomes easier for you to target the right audience and you gain audience trust easily.

Maybe slowly you can grow your content pillars.

Another example could be if you are an artist like me who is interested in many forms of art, then maybe start with expertizing yourself with one particular art form or medium.

Promote yourself as a watercolor expert, try to have video content showing how you paint, grow your audience, write blog posts related to watercolor art, review different brands.

Show you are an expert in it, slowly when people recognize you as an expert and when you build trust among your audience you can move on to the next medium or art skill.

The best example here is Ranveer Allahbadia one of my Inspirations.

ranveer Allahbadia
Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia is a content creator, a famous YouTuber, podcaster, and entrepreneur.

He had started his journey as a YouTuber who used to give insights and tips about fitness and healthy food. Slowly he shifted his focus to personality development and tips for styling basically for men.

When podcasts started taking their place in the market he took it as an opportunity and have interviewed many successful people on his podcast who give us insights on how can we learn from them.

He has also started a start-up which basically gives some digital marketing-related services.

Here you see, Ranveer had started his journey with something he was himself passionate about and also had started his own healthy lifestyle so through his learnings he kind of helped others, but he slowly had started experimenting with more niches.

Find out more about him here

Basically, you just need something to start but stay consistent and focused with that one topic.

This way you are building your foundation.

When you feel you have covered every aspect with that one particular topic you can keep trying with other interesting niches.

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do you need a niche for blogging?
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Do you need a Niche for blogging?

Yes, you will need a niche for blogging as well. You need a niche in every field you wish to excel in, be it blogging, be it online coaching, or business.

If you wish to start blogging, you need to first figure out why do you wish to blog, if writing is your passion then go for it.

But to make a way in the content writing market is a bit tricky as it is a very demanding and competitive field.

Let’s figure out how to find a niche?

How to find a Niche?

What are your interest?

This is the very first step when you wish to start blogging. Finding your niche, finding what you are good at?

To avoid getting drained out and bored in the long run, you need too choose something you are passionate about, you love doing, you are really interested in.

This will help you stay focused, help you grow your knowledge and grow your skills in the things you are interested in.

Figure out what is your expertise:

When you figure out your interest. Try to read, research, and take some online courses to become an expert in it.

What would you like to blog about? Will people benefit from it?

How will your solve their problems?

how to find a niche?
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Research competators in those field.

Reasearch what people in your interested niche/industry are doing? How differently are they solving problems and how creatively are they coming up with their content creation.

What new and creative can you add in that field?

Everyone out there are tyring to make their way through the crowd. What different and unique can you provide to people? Why should people trust you over your competators?

Try to look small ways to monetize it.

In the beginning, it won’t be possible for you to earn, but have a plan ready. Once you see you are gaining audience trust and attention. Start executing your plan.

Start reading and researching.

This is your everyday work. You will have to stay in touch with latest trends, news, changes happening in your industry to provide in-depth knowledge to your audience.

Also, take your audience like kids. How we explain things to kids, in an easy, in-depth, basic way. In the same way you need to show them step-by-step ways and explain things to them in an easy way.

Also, if you want to know more on “How to find your niche and needs my help do drop an email to me on and I may somehow try to be off help.

Finding your niche is important as it takes you on a long way in your journey.

That is it for now.

Let me know if this helped you out in anyway in the comments below.

I hope you are safe and doing fine.

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