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A- Acrylic Painting

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Before we dive into today’s blog post, let me introduce the theme for this A to Z Blogchatter’s April 2023 Challenge.

This time my theme is ‘All about Art’ that I wish to share and there are some concepts that I will be learning through this A to Z blogging challenge, and sharing the same with you.

It’s something close to my heart and I wanted to introduce my art to you as well as make sure to explore a bit more about art.

So today I will be sharing some of my acrylic paintings and all the material I use to paint with acrylic medium.

Acrylic paints can be painted on anything and practically everything. From paper to canvas board to wooden surfaces, leather, and even fabric. Acrylics are very versatile and easy to use. No hassle of any new solvent or any other product just water, brush, and paints- and you are good to go.

To start off with, let me take you to the year 2013– when I has just finished my 12th-grade board exams and was on the lookout to pass my time. As a hobby, I used to love making handmade cards.

So I happened to look out for more creative ways to design handmade cards. That is when I came across a hobby class where this teacher taught me one-stroke painting and that is how I was introduced to acrylic paintings.

Basics of One Stroke Painting

So that’s when I first got into painting but that was merely just a hobby.

However, in 2018 I started painting on canvases out of the blue. And since then there is no looking back. I wish to make art and writing both my full-time career.

I actually work with a lot of mediums that I will be sharing in the upcoming blog posts. Perhaps, my journey started with acrylics and they will always remain special to me.

I have talked about my art journey quite a lot of times so saving yours and my time, here are some links that will give you more insights about how I actually started painting, and how my journey as an artist has been.

Things I have learned as an art-repreneur in the past 4 years

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Final One Stroke Painting

Let me first give a glimpse of the materials I use.

To start with Paints:

Camlin Acrylic Paints

I use Camlin Artist Acrylic Paints. They are affordable and beginner friendly as well. They are even used by professionals as they are really great to use and easily available.

I haven’t ever tried any other brands other than Camlin. However, there are many heavy-body acrylic paint brands available.


Some of my brushes

I have a good collection of brushes and it’s still not enough for me.

However, I use these brustro’s brushes as well as fine art taklon synthetic brushes which are again easily available and affordable as well.

Brustro Brush collection

For beginners, I recommend either Faber castell or Camlin brush sets which are quite affordable and easily available. I recommend them to my young students as well. (I just take a hobby Saturday Class for Kids.)

Always wash off your brushes immediately after completing your painting with mild soap and water. Do not leave the paints on the brushes and leave them to dry. The paints do not come off from the bristles once it has dried and you will have to purchase new ones.

Leaving some recommended brush sets that you can buy from amazon.

Beginner Level:

Faber-Castell – a set of 4 round brushes and 4 flat brushes at just INR196

Camlin: A set of 4 round brushes and 3 Flat brushes at INR 255

Intermediate Level:

Camlin: Camlin Artist Brushes of 3 flat and 4 round Brushes set at INR 320

Brustro: Set of 10 Gold Taklon Brushes set for Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolors at INR 699

Camlin: Synthetic Gold set of Round and Flat brushes at INR 800


Mont Marte tear-off paper palette

I use this Tear-off paper palette which I had bought from the Itsy-bitsy shop. It’s good to use and has 36 sheets in it which are priced at 399/- and you can buy it from here

However, a simple palette will also be enough and I would recommend a feasible and affordable one. Buy it from here

Canvas sheets/Paper:

If you are a beginner I would recommend starting with paper, or a good cartridge paper is better to just get a hang of the brush strokes and how to handle paint, to get the basics right.

Slowly and eventually you can move to papers made for acrylic paintings. I often use these Scholar’s acrylic loose sheets which are really beginner friendly.

Some Acrylic Trees study on Cartridge paper

Perhaps, I love the feeling of canvases and I love doing acrylic paintings only on canvas sheets. Buying the canvas board is a little expensive and I had run out of space to keep those canvases however, below- is a glimpse of all my canvas paintings done in the beginning when I started painting in the year 2018.

Old Acrylic Painting done on canvases.

So once you are done with all the practice and feel confident enough to move to canvas sheets only then move on to canvas sheets and slowly venture out to stretched canvas boards.

The price of the canvases board and sheet pads depends on the sizes you choose. As a beginner, I often ask my students to buy A5 or 8×10 inches canvas sheets pad which is quite beginner-friendly to start off with.

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Is Acrylic Beginner Friendly?

Yes, that comes from a personal experience, and also because when I teach my students they choose acrylic over any other medium. In fact, they hardly know what all mediums exist and they find it very comfortable to play around with acrylics.

You can anytime start with acrylic if you are a beginner and looking to start off your creative journey. They are forgiving in nature, have less drying time so you can finish the painting in one go, and are very easy to use.

I mostly paint nature/landscapes and with acrylics, I love going into detail. Although, I feel I still have a lot more to learn.

One can take easy objects or basically start with still-life paintings to understand the different lights, and highlights, understand the color mixing with acrylics, and then go on with more complex reference pictures.

Sharing some more of my art pictures here.

Let me know what you think about acrylic paints and if this post was helpful in any way.

I would love to know your queries about art or art medium so I can solve them properly in the next blog posts to come.

Also, do have a look at my art prints that are up for sale here.

If you wish to buy any of my art or wish to get any commissioned paint for yourself, or wish to learn the art and would like me to help you out do leave all your queries below.

Note: I don’t do portrait painting, but I do portrait digital illustrations.

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