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B- Brush Calligraphy.

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To start with I am unprepared for this April’s challenge and with that Ramazan going on it’s getting a bit hectic. I am not sure how long will I survive this challenge but hoping to finish what I stated.

I was so pleased to read some amazing content through this challenge as well as know some really amazing people who visited my blog and left some comments it feels good to be back to blogging.

Brush Calligraphy

Brush calligraphy simply put is calligraphy done with brush pens. They are easy for beginners and can be learned as quickly within a week max.

Its basics are more or less similar to traditional calligraphy however, the fonts that come out from brush pens are a lot different than traditional calligraphy.

I am not an expert in brush calligraphy but yes, I know the basics and have made some art applying those basic skills.

However, brush calligraphy also has many variants and is a lot creative. It is really fun and helps me a lot when I need to get out of some art block.

So let me suggest some Brush Calligraphy Art Supplies. Perhaps, like I said earlier I am not an expert and I am not much into brush calligraphy art, so I haven’t invested much in brush calligraphy art supplies.

However, this could be a beginner-friendly introductory supplies recommendation which is pretty much good for getting started with brush calligraphy art.

Brush Calligraphy Supplies you’ll need:

Brush Pens:

Camlin’s 24 shades brush pen set

I use these Camlin Brush pens and they are really good for someone who is a beginner. It has 24 beautiful shades. You can buy it from here

Add gel brush pen set

These AddGel brush pens are recommended for absolute beginners because of their tips which are quite feasible for beginners. You can buy the same from here

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Now the preference may depend from person to person and how comfortable they are with a particular brand of the brush pen. So I cannot really directly point out the recommendations.

I have tried AddGel, Doms, and Camlin and I feel Camlin is the best as it has so many shades and can be used by absolute beginners as well.

Tombow brush pen set

Also, you will need these Tombow Pen sets which are not only beginner friendly but also are quite useable for different creative calligraphy art that you will create. You can buy these from here


For papers you can simply use any cartridge paper sketchbook, to begin with.

I have used these drawing books in A5 Size, to begin with. You can also use a simple notebook as it helps with the ruled lines, in the beginning, to understand the basic concepts and practice till you get a hang of it.

Slowly you can venture out to more professional papers, like watercolor hot pressed paper.

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Basic Strokes:

To start your brush calligraphy art you will have to first master some basic strokes.

The picture below represents some of the basic strokes of brush calligraphy.

The basic rule is the downstrokes should be thicker and the upstrokes should be thinner. And once you get the hang of these basic strokes, you can start practicing alphabets big and small in different fonts and styles.

Once you master the single alphabet then begin with joining the alphabet together simply by writing two alphabets together like on, it, and am, (remembering your childhood here? 😉 ) and then slowly venture out to three, four-letter words, to sentences and then to quotes.

Learn how creatively one can place the words while writing quotes in different styles and then you will merely just enjoy the process.

Basic Brush calligraphy brush strokes

Some of My Calligraphy Art

Here, are some of my calligraphy art. They are not really that great but okayish to sometime inculcate with my illustration paintings.

Let me know if you would like to give brush calligraphy a try. Leaving some Youtube links below that you may follow to self-learn Brush Calligraphy.

Your exact to-do list if you want to learn calligraphy-The Happy Ever-Crafter

Brush Calligraphy Basic Strokes- The Calligraphy Raven

Also, do have a look at my art prints that are up for sale here.

If you wish to buy any of my art or wish to get any commissioned paint for yourself, or wish to learn the art and would like me to help you out feel free to drop in your enquires at

Note: I don’t do portrait painting, but I do portrait digital illustrations.

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