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C- Cake Painting in Water Colors

Today, I am going to post a step-by-step painting process for cake illustrations with water colors.

Although, I am not really happy and satisfied with the final outcome of the painting, however, I will still post.

Please note, I am not this shabby painter. Perhaps, due to Ramadan going on, I tried to attempt this painting twice in between fasting, praying, cooking, and quite a lot to actually put it here.

This is why I am late actually publishing my today’s post. Anyway, let’s dive right into the process. The reference picture will be posted at the end of the blog post.

Materials Used:

Paper: Sitaram WaterColor Paper 270 GSM

Paints: Camlin Artist Water Color

Brushes: Camlin and Brushtro

Reference Picture:

I am for some reason unable to post the reference picture here so leaving the link to it.

The Painting Process:

The first step is to obviously do a pencil sketch. I have sketched this out roughly not really into detail as I really wanted this to go a little quicker.

I then used an eraser to lighten the sharp edges. So they don’t come in between while painting.

Step 1 Sketch

I started painting the sponge cake by first applying a clean water coat on the paper and then adding a light shade of ochre yellow.

Step 2 first layer of paint

I then started building up the color layer slowly but adding a little brown to the yellow ochre.

Building up the color of the sponge cake

Then the toughest part comes, in painting the strawberries and raspberries. Honestly, I love to get into the details of the little things while painting but this was the tough one. Maybe, because I was in a hurry to finish it off.

I am using crimson red mixing it with white diluted in water to make it light and give the berries the first layer of the paint coat.

Painting the berries

Then slowly building the paint layer by using more crimson red and diluting it in water. Not mixing white here. Trying my best to make it look like strawberries.

building up layers of paint on the berries.

This detailing took a lot of my time as I really was trying hard to make it look perfect. However, I messed up.

Painting the details

This is how it looked eventually before I went out to paint the background which didn’t quite come out as I wanted it to be.

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Final detailing outcome

First I applied a coat of clear water on the paper to create a good wet-on-wet effect on the background.

Using indigo and mixing it with green I started painting the background. While painting the background I kept my writing pad on which I have taped the paper to paint, on a small support behind it to tilt the pad so while painting the background it gets easier as the paint flows down properly.

Starting with the background.

This was the first layer and while I was on the go for the final details, I realized the background looks a little light and dull. So I went on to do another layer on the background.

The final layer of the background painting. However, I didn’t like how the background turned out to be. In the first attempt at this painting, the background came out really well, while the cake didn’t. ๐Ÿ™ . So I had to redo the painting again.

While painting the background I happened to mess up the strawberries falling as well as the two berries at the bottom. Well, that happens when one is not really in the flow while painting. (Sorry!)

The final layer of the background painting.

With this Jelly roll white pen, I am adding the final detail which is the sugar powder. Though, I know it looks so good in the reference picture I could not bring it even close to perfect.

I wish I would have done this painting before Ramadan and had planned this challenge a little earlier and in a better way.

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Jelly Roll Sakura white pen.

With this, I end my painting. The final picture is here and I realized while clicking it– that the painting looks dull. Don’t you think?

Final Painting Picture

Did you like this painting? What are you thought?

Any advice? would love to hear…

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