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F- Fridge Magnet Painting.

The month of Ramadan keeps me on my toes from making sure to stay spiritual so my Rab will grant me my wish of visiting Istanbul alone (someday), to making sure to prepare all delicacies.

Although I hate cooking.

Here, I am at 1 a.m. typing my blog posts after finishing the fridge magnet painting and cleaning the mess. All of my tiredness vanished away the moment I held the brush.

Let’s dive into the process of painting this cute little magnet which turned out pretty well than the watercolor cake painting process.

Materials Used:

Materials used for the painting

Wooden small pannel: I bought this from a stationary shop at Crofert market (Mumbai)

Brushes: I used fine art Taklon brushes along with Camlin’s 0 no. brush

Paints: Artist version Camlin Acrylic paints

Painting Process:

priming the panel

Step 1 is to paint a white coat to cover the surface or in simple words prime the surface. This helps to make sure the surface is evenly primed to ease the painting process. It also helps to pop the colors out at the end.

adding colors on the panel.

Step 2: I am using ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, and permanent blue light, for the sky. As you can see I have directly applied the painting from the tube to my wooden panel. Please use a palette if you are a beginner.

sky painting

Here, you can see the outcome of the sky painting. I love painting skies in acrylics they are kind of soothing for my soul.

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Step 3: Paint the clouds in white

painting clouds is fun

Step 4: I mixed sap green and brilliant yellow-green together to paint the grass below.

adding the grass

Step 5: I am using black to paint the bark of the tree. And then slowly move to paint the whole tree black. The thing with acrylics is unlike watercolors, we paint dark to light with acrylic.

So painting the tree black is great to build up the different shades of green and give it a bit of a realistic view.

Like you can see in the slideshow (above) how the tree went from one shade of color to different shades and looks far better at the end. I have also added brown to the bark of the tree at the end.

adding the shadows

Step 6: Adding a bit of shadow below the tree to give it a bit of depth in the painting. I am not just loving it, I enjoyed painting this one.

and it’s done!

Step 7: Painting the grass with olive green and then giving the painting a bit more dash of colors by adding a bit of flower look with crimson red mixed with white, orange, and yellow.

The final look of the painting:

Ah! The satisfaction of painting a good painting after so long, it just makes me feel content…

final painting close-up look.

The Final Step

I have these magnets that I use to stick behind these small wooden panels and turn them into fridge magnets. I actually had a client who wanted me to paint such magnets for them on wood and so since then, I have hoarded such pannels and magnets. Just in case I get a new client, I am already getting the work done.

adding the magnet behind the panel

Adding fevicol glue at the back side of the panel and then sticking the magnet on it. Let the glue dry for a while. And, we are done with creating a beautiful fridge magnet.

The old and new magnets on my fridge.

I have a few more such fridge magnets on my fridge however, they are a bit damaged.

Let me know if you enjoyed this blog post. As I thoroughly did. 🙂

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Note: I don’t do portrait painting, but I do portrait digital illustrations.

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