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G-Gouache Paints

Most of you must have heard about watercolors, acrylics, and oil paints. But very few know about gouache paints.

I myself got introduced to gouache paints very recently like almost a year or two ago.

So let me take this chance to introduce gouache paints to you.

Introduction to Gouache Paints

Gouache paints are like cousins to watercolors. Gouache has more pigment, is opaque, and dries out more vibrant with a chalky finish.

Gouache gets easily activated with water and is quite forgiving meaning you can re-activate the paints on paper to do corrections as needed…

I like to paint with gouache when I need some change from watercolors and acrylics. I also love how soothing the feeling it provides while using it.

Gouache Vs Acrylics:

Gouache is not as thick as acrylic. Gouache cracks up with used in thick consistency.

Gouache can be reworked by reactivating water to it, however, with acrylics, it gets a little tricky and longer to re-work. Yes, acrylics are forgiving, but it requires more time to re-do your mistake than Gouache. With Acrylics, you cannot re-activate the painting but can rectify it by applying paint to it. As I said, it’s tricky and takes longer time than gouache.

Gouache can be best worked on paper, unlike acrylics which are used on multiple surfaces. Acrylics are waterproof. However, a finished work with gouache needs to be handled with care.

Gouache Vs Watercolors

Watercolors have a very transparent finish and cannot give your a thicker consistency. Gouache cannot give you a transparent finish and gives you an opaque, more vibrant, and matte-chalky finish.

With watercolors, you need to work faster, but with gouache, you can take your time. However, gouache dries fast too.

With watercolors, there is a limit to adding layers, and with gouache, you can keep adding layers till you are satisfied. Which helps in creating different styles of illustrations and building up some intricate details.

Gouache Uses:

Gouache is used best by commercial artists, graphic designers, and illustrators.


Materials used for gouache paints are similar to watercolor paints. They do not have any hassle of using any extra mediums or solvents and can be used as well as cleaned easily.

I haven’t explored much of gouache paint brands. I am currently using Brushtro’s gouache paints and they are quite a beginner friendly.

I wish to try himi gouache but they are quite expensive 🙁

My Gouache Art:

All these paintings’ prints are available for sale and you can buy them from here.

I wish to create more art with gouache and explore more of the brands to know a little more about gouache.

Have you ever tried gouache?

Let me know if you enjoyed this blog post. As I thoroughly did. 

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Note: I don’t do portrait painting, but I do portrait digital illustrations.

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  • Tarang

    Such an informative post. And lovely paintings. I haven’t tried this medium, don’t know why but I don’t feel like trying it. But then, I never wanted to try acrylics (when I used to paint with watercolours), and now it is my most preferred/favourite medium, so you never know…:)

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