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I have talked about my graphic designing journey in my earlier post ‘How I improved my Drawing skills.

I started to work on my drawing skills because I was very much interested in illustrations and I wanted to become a cartoon illustrator.

However, that is something that I have left far away but yes, there are some illustrations that I still do.

I am still exploring the illustration field. But here are some of the illustration projects that I have done earlier you can have a look and maybe share some of your ideas that may help me out too.

I started my illustration journey by illustrating some random cartoons.


I am a huge fan of cute little stickers. I don’t really use them so, but when I see other artists coming up with such cute artistic illustrated stickers I wanted to give it a try too. Although, I immensely failed at it, yes I still love them and am glad I gave it a try.

Stickers illustrated by me.

Faceless illustrations:

It’s a style of illustration where artists don’t do the facial features and still, they look apt enough.

I have done these mostly for my cousins to gift them at their graduation ceremony and some clients did approach me for custom work. You can have a look at my cousin’s faceless portraits here.

They also used to do a lot of K-drama fan art with the same style, you can have a look at it below.

Doodle Illustrations.

Last year, through some contacts an NGO approached me to create a doodle for them that they wanted to print on the mug. They wanted to show Mumbai vibes with all the kinds of projects they work for.

Below is the look of the doodle. They even gifted me my own mug which I use as a pen stand as it sits on my desk and it reminds me of how much potential I have.

mud doodle.

Wedding Illustrations

This one is my favorite to work on, however, I have only worked for my cousins and didn’t really have marketed it well on my social handles.

You can have a look at some of my work below.

Creating Gifs for Instagram

I have also created some gifs for Instagram which you will find while searching my page name which is nazishartstudio. I have demonstrated this in the pic below.

You will find it when you try to search to add it to your stories. So if you happen to use any of these, please do tag me along.

my illustrated gifs

So this was it for all of my illustration work. This is how my journey has been as an illustrator.

Software I use:

Procreate in Apple Ipad 4th Generation.

Affinity Designer (an alternative to adobe illustrator)

Also Read: Why I use affinity designer

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Also, do have a look at my art prints that are up for sale here.

If you wish to buy any of my art or wish to get any commissioned paint for yourself, or wish to learn the art and would like me to help you out feel free to drop in your enquires at

Note: I don’t do portrait painting, but I do portrait digital illustrations.

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