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J- Jelly Fish Painting Step-by-Step Process.

There were so many words that I just couldn’t understand what to write and I spent days just thinking.

Only when the deadline is on your head, do you get that one random idea, just out of the blue?

Just like these jellyfish dancing in the blues.

So here it is, in today’s post I am doing this jellyfish painting and showing a step-by-step process.

It’s not that great but I still am in love with this imperfect painting.

So Let’s begin.

Material used:

Sitaram Watercolor paper 270 gsm

Watercolor paints a mixture of artrangers and Camlin

Brushes: Fabercastell synthetic hair brush no 6 and Brushtro’s round 0, and Camlin’s brush no 0.

Painting process:

Step 1:

pencil sketch

I sketched the basic shape of the jellyfish in pencil. Then erased the sketch at a lighter tone to avoid the harsh lines while painting.

Step 2:

I first applied a wash of clear water on the paper covering the shape.

Mixing Prussian blue and emerald green I applied a lighter tone to the first jellyfish.

For the second one, I am also using a bit of lemon yellow.

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Step 3:

slowly building up with a color wash

Mixing yellow with the emerald and Prussian mixture I start painting the tentacles of the jellyfish. Till they dry I try to add layers to the jellyfish to make it more vibrant.

Step 4:

I now give a little detailing with a darker tone of Prussian blue and start with giving the tentacles the details as well.

Step 5:

I use my white Gelly Roll pen (which has lost its cap and it’s drying 🙁 ) to add more details which really gave one amazing finish to the jellyfish.

Step 6:

adding the background effect

Since I was feeling the painting seemed a bit off without any background I added a layer of Prussian blue and put some dots just because I wanted to, lol!

And here is the final outcome.

final painting

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this, it calmed me down as the month is going very hectic with Ramadan and the unplanned blogging on.

However, painting really is like therapy to me. Just like reading is. So this one really helped me.

Did you enjoy the painting process?

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