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K- Kids love Art.

Spend time with your children if you wish to strengthen your bond with them. You can do this by playing their favorite games with them, taking them to the park and having fun with them, or taking them to picnics or to their favorite place.

But there is this special way through which not only your kids but you too will have fun if you participate in the activity along with them.

Ayaat and Aahil with their painting

With your children, you can develop a strong relationship while simultaneously having creative fun via art. Allowing children to creatively explore their thoughts aids in their development of self-assurance.

Kids adore art, they love to explore different forms, and they love to play around with colors.

I am not a certified teacher, but my nieces and nephews do look up to me as an artist and come by during the weekends to learn to paint.

This way I get some time to spend with them which I really cherish a lot. Not just that, sometimes they have taught me some brush strokes skills accidentally.

I also had some little one’s coming to me till 2021, and they used to be a little tricky to handle but they also taught me patience and how much they love to be around art.

This way I have inculcated some teaching skills within me that I thought I could never possess.

Art can also be a great way for little ones to train their motor skills and help them evolve slowly.

Little ones mess around so much when it comes to painting, so I add in some crafts, which they love assembling, and then they’re happy with how the art looks in the end.

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When it comes to keeping your kids occupied, art is a great alternative to just watching TV, playing with their phones, or watching videos on the iPad.

Sharing some more of my little artist’s works with you all. Half o my phone is filled with these munchkins and their artwork.

Currently, due to Ramadan, I don’t take any classes, but I am planning to do a full-fledged hobby art class for kids and adults.

Any advice or ideas will be really appreciated.

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If you wish to buy any of my art or wish to get any commissioned paint for yourself, or wish to learn the art and would like me to help you out feel free to drop in your enquires at

Note: I don’t do portrait painting, but I do portrait digital illustrations.

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