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T- Travel, Explore, and Paint.

A very Happy Eid.

I have been away for this festive weekend that we had and missed a day to post the blog. I also have to catch up on reading fellow bloggers’ blog posts.

Everyone who knows me or has even followed me on social media for a long time is very much aware, of how much I crave to travel.

I get so fascinated by another fellow artists when they travel and make art. They stand in a corner and paint through something that catches their eyes, and the fact that they feel confident while doing so.

All I want and dream of is to have a camping bus, pack my stuff, and travel. Travel to all the places I have been dreaming of, and just explore different food and culture.

Stop by local small cafes or roadside stalls and know the stories of people who go unnoticed by us all.

I want to then stop by a beautiful sunset and paint it to capture that memory. I want to write my travel stories and grow old knowing how different people live in different places and tell my grandkids those stories so they get inspired by me and travel places themselves too.

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We get one life to live and we don’t get to see the beautiful world we are born in. I know not everyone is fortunate enough to even visit the next city. But even visiting the top 5 places on our bucket list is enough to full fill the lasting dreams we live for.

Artist love to explore, they feel stifled if they are tied down to one place. How would they know anything about nature by just reading books or through pictures if they won’t know touch, feel, and see nature with their own eyes and hands?

First-hand experience always works the best. Also, it helps to calm down artists’ minds and gives them a break from everything. It helps them refresh and get more creative with their work.

I have this dream to travel to as many places as I can and paint some memories of my travel log, write about my experience, share my thoughts through my art and just be around art and creativity.

And then finally find a good place to settle down and open the studio that I dream of

This will also help me improve my skills and also give me first-hand experience.

I hope someday I will be blogging about my experience of traveling than blogging about my dreams and what if… Fingers crossed.

That’s it for today.

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