Celebrity: A Must-Watch K-drama.


Celebrity a Netflix original K-drama that has taken a storm over social media- Is it worth the hype?

I have been meaning to write about K-dramas for so long.

Isn’t it obvious to write about something that you end up spending so much time with?

There is something inexplicable thing about K-Dramas that makes you addicted to them.

To start with I wish to write about this trending K-drama that just got released on Netflix with all the 12 episodes in one go.

And honestly! I am obsessed with the lead actor’s chemistry and the personality they portrayed.


Celebrity a Netflix series is based on the concept of how Instagram influencers get famous, how they make their way to being famous influencers, and what goes around and behind the scenes. Although, we all know how competitive and struggling it is to become a famous influencer today.

It majorly shows, how people’s perception of you can change overnight or even one slight mistake can make you pay a heavy price.


The best part about K-dramas that I as an artist love is, the way they design and make the introduction part so artistic and beautiful.

However, with Celebrity, the introduction was more like a normal one. It wasn’t the artistic version that I like the most.

All over, the color theme of the introduction was also black and pink maybe to give the message of how dark world it can be to become an influencer.

And because it was based on women fashion influencers the pink theme was suitable.

The number of episodes:

Celebrity has 12 episodes and I must warn you to not start watching it if you do not have ample time to invest. It’s quite intriguing and keeps you hooked even after it ends.

Each episode is given a hashtag name which gives us a hint of what the episode is going to be about. I loved how it kept the hashtag concept of Instagram as the title of each episode. It was quite creative.

“There is a saying- fame is a blank cheque and the world will cheer you on even if you take a dump.”

– Credits- Celebrity K-drama dialouge

Plot Brief:

Seo-ari is a normal introvert woman who is working for a small cosmetic brand. Seo Ari belonged to a rich family who later had to lose everything once she loses her father. Because of this Seo-Ari also lost the chance to study abroad and had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet for her mother and brother.

The show starts with Seo-Ari visiting a small restaurant that seems to be not doing well and if you are an influencer visiting such restaurants and if you have a good following, how it helps the restaurant business to grow. Isn’t that what we all do and see these days on social media?

This was basically an introduction to the power of influencing the social media world.

It then starts with how Seo Ari did not even know what social media was and how it worked before taking us on a journey of how she rose to influencer status, and how she refused to give up no matter what the odds were against her.

It’s the cutthroat fight against all odds and how dirty can the game of fame, likes, and numbers can it get.

Is it a happy ending for Celebrity K-Drama?

Yes and No!

The pieces fit perfectly at the end as to who was behind the fake account ‘Bbb famous‘, who was behind the accident of Haan Joon Kyung, and if Seo-ari is alive or dead?

However, the last episode could have been a little better and given a bit more about how it ended up between Seo-Ari and Haan Joon Kyung. I really loved the character Haan Joon Kyung and the whole Instagram is in love with the couple and chemistry.

which brings us to…

What I actually loved about the whole Celebrity K-drama

The cinematography is obviously to the point. I love how Koreans have their way with cinematography. They have something which is very artistic in everything they do.

The plot and storyline are the best in its version and the actors have justified their roles respectively.

But what I really loved about this particular K-drama was the male lead character.

I loved how he was nonchalant about the fact that Seo-Ari didn’t belong to his class or status, but also he supported Seo- Ari with everything he could, let her fight her own battles, and was always behind her to protect her.

He wasn’t the very possessive or overprotective kind but also was vocal about his support for Seo-Ari. The fact that he loved Seo-Ari’s guts and honesty was something that really stuck with me. He didn’t interfere much with Seo-Ari’s fights and let her lead her own journey.

He had a calm aura, yet fearless and strong. I like men when they exactly know what they are doing and how well they can handle things even when they get messed up. Of course with money comes power and status.

But unlike Jin Tae Jeon, Haan Joon Kyung didn’t let his manly ego run his mind. And didn’t let money and power overrule his life.

In fact, there is a scene where Haan Joon Kyung confesses to Seo-Ari that he needs her, and that was the heart of the whole series.

We are later shown the reason behind the abrupt confession was that Haan Joon Kyung did a mistake in his past of not expressing his feelings honestly, and so this time he didn’t take a chance and confessed his honest feelings.

The chemistry was amazing and the portrayal of both the lead characters was played really well.

Is there a second season?

Well, there is no such news from the maker’s end, and with an ending that answers all the questions I don’t think there is a second season coming.

Some dramas are better left off alone to let their charm be the same.

Is it worth Watching ‘Celebrity’ K-drama?

Yes, absolutely.

It gives out a strong message about how delusional the social media world is and how dark it can get. So do not let your ego.

Those who easily get influenced by all the social media influencers need to watch this and understand that even though they work hard and have kept their lives as an open book through social media, they are also human and need a bit of space for themselves.

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