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Who am I?

Hi! I am Nazish from Mumbai, India. I am a writer by heart, a painter by chance and an illustrator artist by choice. In short, I am a complete pack of an artist. (A self-taught artist.)

Writer By Heart

I discovered I want to be a writer at the age of 18 and since then there is no looking back. I aim to be a best-selling author someday and I am in search of a story that is worth telling but most importantly it should bring a fury in me and inspire me to write. Writing is my passion and purpose in my life on which I survive

I am a published author of 3 short stories in 3 different anthology books and I have published my collection of poems “Escape an Enigmatic Feelings.” on Amazon exclusively available in Kindle format.

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A painter By chance.

me with some of my best acrylic paintings

The art of painting came naturally to me in the year 2018. I have been painting landscapes in acrylics medium since 2018. Although, recently in the year 2020 since everything is so gloomy and when my own life turned upside down I found solace in watercolors as well. Here is the story if you wish to know more.

watercolor painting
watercolor painting

I have sold very few of my paintings but if you wish to buy or get a customized painting for yourself or to gift someone do drop an email to me on kondkarinazish95@gmail.com

Graphic Illustrator by choice

digital art idea for a t-shirt printing

I have done a basic course in graphic designing in the year 2016. But, in the year 2017 I got busy with my Post-Graduate studies. Since 2019, I am back to doing some illustrations. I used to do some amazing cartoon illustrations, however I have stopped doing it. But I do different kind of illustrations now.

have stopped making cartoons but this is one of my favourite

You can view all of my artwork on my Instagram Page @nazishartstudio

. A true feminist and a dreamer who lives in her own dream world and always lost in her own thoughts.

My post-graduation convocation day.

Post-Graduated in English Literature, a bibliophile, Potterhead, and can watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S million times more.

digital art of k-drama with quote

To add on thanks to the year 2020 and coronavirus for making me an addict to Netflix and now I am a fan of K-DRAMAS.

What is my Blog About?

This is brush pen calligraphy art done by me…

On my blog, I share tips on blogging, content writing, art, and freelancing. I share and review the books I read.

Watercolor Painting

I also happen to share my art journey and share some tips if you are a beginner.

Basically,this blog is my space where I share my knowledge about blogging, freelancing and art. Being a writer/blogger and a self-taught artist I wish to expand my experience and knowledge to others.

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As it is said, Home is not a place it’s a feeling so my art and this blog is my kind of a home to me.

Who is this blog for?

digital art

If you love blogging, art, writing, reading books then this blog is for you.

Also, if you wish to get anything customized, or wish to have a painting done, do drop an email with your requirement to me on kondkarinazish95@gmail.com

I also have contributed content to few magazines and have written guest blog post. Below are links of my write-ups


an article written for womenweb.com

You can get in touch with me via email: kondkarinazish95@gmail.com

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I hope you have a pleasant reading time on my blog.