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    C- Cricket. (A to Z blogging Challenge)

    I bet some of you must have thought C might go for cooking or something. Well, for one thing, I should make clear to all my readers out there. I HATE COOKING… I hate it from the bottom of my heart. So anything related to cooking, you might never find in my wish list, let alone it never makes me happy so it does not make sense… My childhood memories make me happy, and strangely I have very few memories of playing cricket during my childhood. I regret not taking my love for playing cricket more seriously and now I miss it. I don’t like to watch Cricket unless it’s…

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    Bike Riding and Bowling.

    I have always wanted to ride a bike at least once in my life. Just once pleaassseeee… I have been a tomboy in childhood (still I am hidden deep within). The love for jeans and checkered shirts is still on… Hehehe I just wish to learn to ride a bike and then go on a long drive and watch the sunset somewhere and ah! that’s will be the best feeling. The helmet, the gloves, the leather jacket (black one please) and a long ride through the cold winds… Even though I am always petrified of accidents especially through bikes. It is so unpredictable at times, as even if you are…

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    A- Adventure

    Before we Begin Before we go ahead, I really wish to share something I am so not happy about… I really wanted to make every wish of mine into illustrations form but since I am a self-taught artist it takes too much time for me to come up with sketches and then make them into digital form. I am so caught up with so much already + my body is in pain while typing this down and so is my heat broken I have come to the conclusion that I will at least make one illustrations for every post. So the rest of the illustrations I will make once I…